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  1. Let's hope they build faster than the Rice Village Hungry's location :/
  2. I wonder what "fitness" center is under negotiation between the 1st and 3rd floors of House of Blues??
  3. Sketched up an idea for expanding the Pierce Elevated to utilize the space underneath for light rail/parking/retail/Pierce Street. I'm sure I haven't thought of all of the logistics (i.e. freeway support column placement/setbacks from buildings...but would love to get feedback on how feasible this would be.)
  4. Looks like the rendering magically removed the power lines running through the property, but took them into account for the weird angle of the parking garage :/ https://www.google.com/maps/@29.706463,-95.390111,3a,75y,50.09h,96.83t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sojzHW7vNTR_tTUUoykd23Q!2e0
  5. I really don't get why there must be a Mattress Firm on every corner...I'm willing to drive a little for my "Once Every 8 Years" purchase.
  6. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know of any plans to renovate/rebuild the Kroger at Cambridge/OST? I live right down the street from it and find it really convenient, but really outdated and the layout a bit cramped. I'm hoping something similar to the Montrose (near Westheimer) renovation could happen at this location. An expanded "prepared meals" section and dairy section would be really nice. Also, a bigger entrance would be good too...My far-fetched wish is that they would buy some of the land next to them and build a brand new store like the Studemont location, and convert the existing into more parking and a Kroger gas station...I went to the Kirby store the other day and it looks like they could handle a larger store in the area.
  7. How about they just put in the high rise that was originally intended when they built the Ambassador?! http://p50400.ipscdn.com/uploads/monthly_02_2008/post-4902-1202356598.jpg
  8. It may be out of the question - but I gave up on Montrose and picked a place near Reliant Stadium (East of the Stadium). It's about a 10 minute drive to Montrose, but there is good transit options and if you have your own transportation Almeda road is usually pretty light. The area is actually really safe (there's also a bunch of med students that take transit so parking in the complexes isn't that bad either). A lot of the complexes that were built in the 70's/80's are now condos rented out individually on Craigslist and HAR. I was able to find a decent efficiency for $550/month...still waiting for something terrible to happen as it seems like they could have asked for a lot more, but have been pleasantly surprised at how nice the area has turned out to be. Below is a sample of something slightly bigger than an efficiency in that area: http://houston.craigslist.org/apa/3978167772.html
  9. I see large screens in the renderings!...let's hope this time they actually get put in. Hopefully tomorrow there will be some new tenants announced as well.
  10. Does that mean it's perpendicular to tunnel access?
  11. So I went to Hungry's for lunch today and asked the hostess what was going on, and apparently they're building a 2-story replacement restaurant with a bar on the second floor. Once this is open, the existing Hungry's will be torn down for parking.
  12. Site work is being done at the lot next to Hungry's Cafe. There was originally a house next door that they tore down for more parking. Does anyone know what's going on? My thoughts would be that they would build a Next Door Bar & Lounge like they have at their Memorial location. I don't have any photos, but when they built the parking lot, they built it around the original house and then demolished the house...so there's still a plot of land for a building. Fencing around that site has gone up in the past few days.
  13. The first floor next to the Books A Million looks to be available. If they did build it, Sundance probably wouldn't make it with that and Alamo Drafthouse planned nearby...but I agree retail would be nice...but so would free parking
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