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  1. I wouldn't know as I'm not involved the bisexual, gay and adulterous lifestyle. However, I did happen to read this. I guess Tyler is just as, if not more, risque than the RGV. http://www.team4news.com/Global/story.asp?...14&nav=menu90_3
  2. From the McAllen Monitor http://www.themonitor.com/SiteProcessor.cf...4&Section=Local
  3. Wonderful how you get off topic to bash hispanics. Go see a psychotherapist already.
  4. This is the kind of ____ that makes his day. "If they're dying of a gunshot wound, let them...that's a very good deterrent to coming here illegally." - theniche
  5. The term tongue-in-cheek escapes you. Sounds like you don't like me.
  6. You're more likely to get dragged behind a pickup in east Texas by white folk, than even be called "whitey" in the RGV. Usually people go on about these things because they hide some true racism. Unfortunately for the sons of the old south, Texas is now a minority majority state. So whether it be in the RGV or in Pasedena, learning to adapt means not being so sensitive when you get ignored. Maybe people just don't like you and your pop and it has nothing to do with your race. You should at least find some comfort in the fact that nobody is forcing you to visit, move, or even think about the RGV. You don't know anything about me. It's obvious that the neighborhoods I grew up in would make you cry.
  7. I escaped from a racially-divided, have and have-not demarcated, traffic congested, and criminal infested city called Houston. I am now living comfortably in McAllen, a city with much to offer including professional jobs. These are my opinions. Take some advice. Stop saying things as matter-of-fact, and perhaps people will take a liking to you and your pop. For those who come down to the valley to conduct summer bible study or other charity endeavor, please be advised that we do not need to be saved from ourselves. We live comfortably. We work during the week and relax on the weekend. Such is life everywhere. If you go looking for bad people, you can find them. If you go looking for good people, you can also find them. This is not an exclusive phenomenon to the valley. Actually, in my opinion, I think a few other Texas cities have us beat.
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    When in doubt, go to the US Census bureau website. http://www.census.gov/popest/cities/tables...-EST2004-01.xls The July 2004 estimate from the US Census bureau for Laredo is 203,212. You can also find the list of fastest growing cities here. http://www.census.gov/popest/cities/tables...-EST2004-03.xls The 10 Fastest growing cities in Texas with a Pop. over 100,000 are, in order: 1. McAllen 2. Brownsville 3. Laredo 4. Fort Worth 5. Grand Prairie 6. San Antonio 7. El Paso 8. Arlington 9. Plano 10. Waco
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    I think you meant that Laredo has a population of 197,000.
  10. If some people on this board had their way, there would be no Blacks and Mexicans in the city.
  11. That kind of BS qualifies him/her to be the first run out of town.
  12. Interesting. Freeways obviously reflect heat more than the earth around them. So it is possible that the rising warm air off a freeway could condense into water. However, despite the names and the personification given to hurricanes, they don't actually have the ability to make a conscious choice as to where they go. Hurricanes are steered by conditions in the upper-atmosphere and derive their power from sources of warm water. Not vice-versa.
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