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  1. The likelihood of Exxonmobil moving it's corporate HQ from Dallas to Houston as part of the proposed campus has always been slim to nil. This doesnt have any bearing to the proposed campus just south of the woodlands which has always been reported to be primarily for the upstream portions of the company. The spring/woodlands campus is still being studied with no official word. The recent reports of a housing subdivision being built in the vicinity of or next to the proposed campus is interesting. Various newsclips suggest uncertainty about who is actually building the reported subdivision.
  2. http://blogs.chron.c...ity_planne.html
  3. Met a woman who worked at Continental at dinner several weeks ago. Sounds like workers involved with day to day activities at IAH would be staying but most others are being asked/told to move to Chicago. She said many of her coworkers are really nervous about the upcoming year. Her feeling was that even if people did move to Chicago with the company, being laid off in the next year or two was still a strong possibility.
  4. I've used Andrew Ashby for some tree trimming of some big oaks in my front yard a while ago. He did great work for us that was reasonably priced. Certified arborist so he's knowledgeable on how to trim a tree without harming it. Andrew Ashby Arbor And Forestry Associates ISA Certified Arborist # TX-3311A 832.275.3147 andrewashby@arborforestry.com
  5. Had a chat with a continental manager at the gym today and asked him about the continental-united talks. His take was that it was likely to happen but was still a toss-up for where headquarters would be. He was also certain that Houston would continue to be the Continental hub. The location is great for access to South America and the SW US plus it was pretty rare for a single airline like continental to be the primary air carrier for a city the size of Houston so leaving wouldnt make sense.
  6. Discovered the Petrol Station recently and think the place is great. Awesome microbrew selection and small but very good men, great burgers. Small indoor seating and more outdoor seating. Still a work in progress but based on some reviews I've read of the place when it first opened, the Petrol Station has evolved a bit and I think for the better. There's usually 1-2 people tending the bar so when the place is busy, it can back up a little bit.
  7. I'm looking for a good tailor to make some minor suit alterations and alterations in general (e.g. hemming pants). Any recommendations or comments for tailors in the heights/oak forest/garden oaks areas? Any opinions or experiences with Leo's Fine Tailoring on TC Jester?
  8. The gauzy thing is called a mantle that you can pick up at any outdoor place that sells camping equipment. They're used for propane and white gas lanterns. At least I think its the same thing from inspection of my neighborhood gas lamp posts. On a related note, bought a house earlier in the year that has one of these gas lamp posts but it's not on/working. Didn't really think too much about it until recently and now trying to figure out how to make it working again. Don't see any sort of knob/switch on the post itself. Anyone have experience with getting one of these working again? I've notic
  9. Great to hear about the Petrol Station. Found something online about it a while ago and driven by once or twice and have been wanting to give it a try and definitely will now. We tried Cavatore's for the first time last week (next to Tony's) and found a fun atmosphere with the piano playing, kitschy but interesting decor and good food. We also like Rainbow Lodge, essentially across the street from Cavatore's, which has great tasting inspired wildgame dishes. I like Mytiburger too but wish some good restaurants that would open on 43rd between Ella and TC Jester, seems like an area that
  10. what it will also mean will be plenty of big trucks/suvs attempting to park in compact car spaces.
  11. I was living in the 12th/Studewood area up until half a year ago and recall reading about Karen Derr floating the idea of getting a constable program started for the area (not sure which part of the Heights). There was some information posted about it (similar to what was posted above) but didnt hear anything about it since nor did I notice constables in the area when I was living in the area. Did the constable program get started?
  12. If you look up reviews for different companies that offer home warranties you'll find that most get a grade of 'C' at best. No one is ever consitently satisfied about the service they get when something does come up. Thats probably because the service you get will vary greatly on the vendor who's contracted to work with the warranty service company. I bought a house half a year ago and the seller included a home warranty for a year. It was included as part of the sale so we didnt need to pay for the service BUT we do have to pay the $60 dollars on any housecall. If they come up diagnosis f
  13. Our house is about 2100sqft and one story so that gives me an idea on a pricepoint. Thanks for the info.
  14. Actually the plan includes getting some rain barrels to capture some of the runoff but also to help control where the water runoff is directed. When a deluge does happen (thankfully we got some rain today), I've watched rain run off the roof in sheets and waterfalls that eventually allows water begin to pond up against the back of the foundation. The water does eventually drain away from against house and dow the driveway once the rain stops but it is a little disheartening watching water slowly rise against the foundation. The gutters we want to put in are part of a larger plan that includ
  15. Just bought a house in the Oak Forest area and we'd like to put in some rain gutters. Does anyone have recommendations or recent experience with gutter installations? I've seen brands like guttermax, leafguard, seamless, etc... out there but wondering if anyone has positive or negative experiences with these or any others. Thanks.
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