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  1. I like it... I'd be all of it, only if it had one less zero in it.
  2. I personally think gutters are a waste of money unless you use them with a rain water recovery system (or you have a stucco home). But if you are going to get them make sure you get one that attaches by some sort of clip system and not with spikes and ferrules. Also high quality aluminum gutters are at least .032 inches thick.
  3. No they are not worth it. Have you ever used your warranty that is about to expire?
  4. What are the cost differences? I have never priced the insulated ones. Are you planning on air conditioning the space?
  5. 1. You need to get all of the old thinset off the concrete. Do not use Ditra membrane or any other fracture membrane for that matter, it is a waste of money unless you are in a pier and beam house (which you're not). You will place the thinset on the concrete and the tile on top of that. If you are using stone or a big tile then you will need to butter the tile also. 2. There are no power tools to help you remove tile and grout unless you are just replacing 1 or 2 tiles. A fubar, wrecking bar or that same hammer will remove the tile from the walls. Don't use a sledge hammer and do not use a reciprocating saw -- because you don't know whats behind the tile (electrical or plumbing) 3. Yes, you will need new drywall, preferably green board. 4. Remember to turn off the water and don't give up
  6. You are speaking of a remodel while I was talking about a "remodel" It would certainly cost the same as a new garage, because it would be.
  7. I would suggest you "remodel" it into a 2 car garage. PM if you would like a bid.
  8. rbarz

    I Feel Sick

    Well if they did plan to flip it had to have been the worst buy on the books because they paid over list and well over $100/SF. They probably can't get more than they paid for the house much less all the money they dumped into the stucco and pitched roof.
  9. rbarz

    I Feel Sick

    1414 E Sugar Creek Blvd Sugar Land, TX
  10. on townhouses maybe... I don't think they ever were for homes (in the good inner loop neighborhoods).
  11. they are defined in your HOA agreement and are therefore different for every association . I have seen them range from a flat $150 to two months dues which happened to be over $3000 for that particular sale.
  12. I agree Sort of agree... there aren't that many kickbacks if any. But plenty of agents will not show a house that has less than a 3% commission. I totally disagree (although it can be true). I have three degrees including a law degree, I have been successfully investing in real estate for a decade, and I am a Realtor. The commission check is not my ultimate goal. The amount I receive from deals under $500,000 is a small part of my income and I realize (like others should) that it is better to have repeat customers and good word of mouth advertising then to just push a deal through.
  13. Bank of America just finished with a ridiculous appraisal on one of my homes. The home is in midtown and has comparables that sold in the last six months that you can see from the front porch. Instead the appraiser only used homes that sold in 3rd Ward for comparison. When I called to explain (in a nice way) that every buyer, Realtor, and every other Appraiser alive in Houston knows the difference between the two sides of 288 he kept repeating that we are in a declining market. I explained that a declining market has nothing to do with using the wrong neighborhood for comparables and he told me that it has everything to do with it! Usually in a declining market an appraiser would have a standard deduction to use after finding the current value. Now they just seem to be scared. This guy found the lowest priced homes within 5 miles and only used those to value the home. Good thing it wasn't for a home sale, I would have been livid.
  14. Yes, the Texas Department of Insurance or TDI regulates it. But, I can't remember anything about their pool or if there even is one. I know that the complaint process is bogus... they send one letter to the title company and then tell you to get a lawyer. Every little title company I have used is just the middle man for the actual insurer so I doubt it makes much of a difference.
  15. the whole kitchen is a remodel as is the bad stucco job
  16. I would suggest using a Realtor. I know a good one . PM me for contact information.
  17. rbarz

    I Feel Sick

    lol Just in case you referred to it as mud because it looks like adobe or stucco in the photos, it was actually cedar siding.
  18. rbarz

    I Feel Sick

    Yes, it is in the Sugar Creek neighborhood. 1414 E Sugar Creek Blvd.
  19. rbarz

    I Feel Sick

    This was a house I tried to buy a few times... every time I was out bid and there was always a lot of interest with this house that was never active for more than a week. I assumed the interest came from the awesome modern style of the home. Apparently I was wrong. Before After Are you thinking why would they tear down that perfectly nice house and replace it with that ridiculous stucco and tile "Mediterranean" home? If you are, then you would be surprised to learn they paid more per square foot than anything else in the neighborhood to remodel it into that nightmare. (Even though it was already completely remodeled inside) This would have to go into the books as one of the worst remodels ever. Before they purchased it the home was worth $515,000, now, after the very expensive remodeling job its probably worth $450,000. Why would anyone get in a bidding war and pay over list price for a remodeled very original home to dump a bunch of money into it and completely change the outside into something that looks like 30 other homes in the neighborhood?
  20. You might as well be asking the door to throw itself onto the hinges. Many times doors come pre-hung (or with the frame) which means you rip out your door and frame and install the new one, usually with shims (and plenty of know-how), then replace the molding around the door frame. (The frame is all the wood around the door that holds the door up) The other way to buy doors is in slab form. They come without mortised areas for hinges and no holes for your door knob and lock. I personally think this is the easier way to DIY. But, if its your first time expect to spend a LONG time installing it. You will have to take many precise measurements, mortise the hinges, possibly shave or rip the bottom of the door, hang the door, and drill the holes for the lock and knob. You will certainly be asking for trouble trying to hang a used door. Actually, the trouble will be in finding one that will work, not the actually hanging, but most likely you will have to get into bondo and skilled refinishing for it to look right. There are plenty of guys that will hang a slab door for $100 to $150 and it is usually well worth it. It sounds as though the only problem is the glass? If that is true why not just replace it? If it is a good solid wood door, then there is usually no reason it can't be salvaged. Have some tempered glass cut and replace the broken area or the whole insert.
  21. I certainly don't think it is worth the asking price. One of the major problems is that it is 4000+ Sf spread over three floors. If it was on one floor it would have sold a long time ago. Actually what has held me back from low balling the unit--my usually course--is the damned door man. I hate that guy. He is horribly rude and should be fired immediately. While trying to show one of the units he couldn't get off his cell phone long enough to push in the coded entry for the penthouse level and acted like I was inconveniencing him! The ridiculous part is when he did it a second time with a second client.
  22. The condo fees are insanely cheap for that size unit. One of the reasons is because they do not count the third floor (or the roof) in the calculation. Incidentally, the roof space use to not be included in the sale of this unit.
  23. What's wrong with it? It is obviously unfinished, but I was going to put an offer in on that unit. I, of course, would be doing the work myself and not through their company.
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