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  1. It is much better than the previous version... A couple more refinements and you might even want to use it! After HARs app crashes I end up going to Trulia's app even though it has a lot of bad and/or missing information. I shouldn't knock it too much... HAR is spectacular compared to most local Real Estate sites.
  2. No one said anything about how great all his sister's outdoor furniture looked. I mean they really went all out to take advantage of the view! The amazing customer service should recommend a few places...
  3. It was a Freddie Mac foreclosure listed at "lot value" Here are the photos from a previous sale at $354,500 front view; well-known 'Mod' home by William Floyd And the Foreclosure Pictures Close date is set for 9/30/11
  4. I made an offer on this house that included the option to restrict the deed so that it could not be demolished or substantially remodeled. The sellers did not care because the Realtor told me they have a standing offer at $750,000 from someone who wants to tear it down... looks like they just waited for the offer to go up $50,000.
  5. If you have seen an old house with new windows there is a good chance you have seen it done before because it is fairly easy, especially if you don't have to move any plumbing or electrical in the wall. We have done it many times. Cheers
  6. Inside the loop? No way, unless you go east of 288 and violate the low crime requirement. Inside beltway? Yes, but probably be close to industrial areas or areas with no services. Outside beltway? Absolutely, You could get twice the land you are looking for (PM me for a list small list)
  7. There is no 10% cap on homes that are not a homestead. Your house is not a homestead until you lived in it on January 1, which it looks like you have. Have you filed the home as your homestead? This is a different problem than a protest and doesn't require a deadline because it is against the law. You can file it as your homestead late and they will even refund money if you have paid in.
  8. VOC free paint should be a must for any home, not just a green one. For me, in my own home, There is no cost benefit analysis on a product that is damaging to your health... The cheapest cabinets available would never be worth it if they were made with formaldehyde. And I could never decide how much of my health is worth $2 a gallon for paint. I have to run for now, but will return to edit this into a better answer because it is easier to cost benefit the "carbon footprint"
  9. How about this one for Mod of the month? http://search.har.com/engine/435-Ginn-Lane-Pasadena-MD-21122_HAR86477054.htm
  10. Title insurance is based on sales price, but you can not get title insurance on a tax auction. You can't even get clear title in a Tax Auction because of Texas' Right of Redemption laws (after they expire you can get clear title). You need a title search which is much cheaper than title insurance, and you should probably conduct your own search, because the pros apparently screw up all the time (which I learned the hard way).
  11. The right color makes the most difference for energy savings. If you choose a white roof you can reflect more than 90% of the heat absorption in many cases. If you can't make jump to white, GAF has a few products that reflect heat and have a traditional color. I employee professional, licensed roofers who only install roofing and they do a great job. There are many more options depending on your needs and wants. Give me a call an we can discuss them and pricing. Shane 832.754.8627
  12. I have been renewing mine... I currently have 9 policies and some are barely less than what a lender would force on you if you let your policy lapse. I use Nationwide which has really good rates for Homeowners, but they have been getting more and more picky over the years with rental policies. Plus they won't insure more the 5 properties... too much business must be a bad thing? Anyway, Nationwide will probably beat your State Farm quote buy $400... check it out.
  13. No Tuscan or McMansion going in... It's going to be a Modern house replacing the MCM. Anyone know the architects/builders? I didn't write it down and now I have forgotten.
  14. I would use Build Green Incorporated. They don't cut any corners, use low VOC Polyurethene, and do an excellent job. PM for the number
  15. Clark's Hardwood has it in stock and has pretty good prices if you buy enough.
  16. What is the size of the home? Were all of the supply lines copper and all of it stolen? If the house is 2000SF then it will cost you at least $6000 not counting drywall repair
  17. You guys have it all wrong. You need to put a weight set on the front lawn... prison style.
  18. If it is a 4,000 SF tear down than the true value of the "improvements" would be negative although HCAD seems to list a lot of tear downs as $100. I couldn't imagine how many pages we could fill with HCAD discrepancies... Go by their offices during protest time and really get a fill for the numbers!
  19. What? Where could that be besides Galveston? 2 to 5 feet in houston would flood every time it drizzeled my lot varies between 24 and 56 ft. The slab is at 56 ft and flooded during allson. The ravine bottom is at 24 and always has water in it. Is it really possible to be at 5 ft or less in Houston? Either way that has to be a floodway and not a floodplan.
  20. Three times in 10 years? Where does she live? That sounds like flood way not flood plain.
  21. Que? There is no problem dealing with the city if you are in the 100yr flood plain only the flood way. The rules for complying with Chapter 19 for greater than 50% value repairs and footprint expansion only come into play if your home is in the flood way. I completely understand why you would want to avoid the flood way... your house could flood every 30 days; but avoiding the 100 yr flood plain is different. I haven't avoided it, and wouldn't avoided it if I had it to do over again... and I will be saying the same thing if my house floods tomorrow.
  22. Competitive? I thought ARS used a gun to make people pay the rates they charge. I don't know why you would use them unless it is an emergency. Call me, I have an excellent A/C man (licensed, insured, etc.) and he is actually reliable!
  23. It is straight forward, but a little time consuming. The cuts don't have to be perfect because you cover them with trim. Although I have never installed the kits from crestview, I have put in a few custom made doorlites. As long as you have the tools it is technically easy. I think it is easier than hanging a door!
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