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  1. $3000 sounds like a bargain to me... I hope it only costs that much. Since the lot is on a corner the easement runs 85 feet into the lot and then 100 feet back out. The lot is 1.4ac and the easement effectively cuts the lot in half, plus they have 3'x35' guy wire easements coming off of the 10' utility easement which really takes a large chunk out of the property. One plus is that the lines are sagging so low (about 6' high and being held up by a tree) on one part of the property that I can touch them so it might help my case if I can get anyone out to the lot... I have called the area coordinator about 6 times now with no return call...
  2. Thank you... and to fill in the gaps for later readers: Centerpoint Builder Department Manuel Perez 713.207.6820 Service Coordinator for Timbergrove Manor and Magnolia Park Area Takea Reeder 713.945.3796
  3. Does anyone have any experience with moving utility easements? How about having them buried? I actually want to do both unless you can build on top of the buried ones (which I am pretty sure you cannot do). I have a corner lot at the end of a street so the utility lines cut off about half of the lot along with a giant pole with wire guy lines in the middle of the backyard. Any suggestions? Help?
  4. Wow, conservatively $90 to $150 per square foot for remodeling! I couldn't imagine...
  5. Also there are insurance policies called "Builder's Risk" that are fully earned. These policies are actually cheaper than a regular policy when the home is vacant and cover theft of materials and vandalism. Although, Insurance is the least of your concerns.... There were multiple offers a few days ago and you have missed the deadline for submitting one. Foundations are almost always cheap to repair no matter how bad it is. The costs start adding up if the plumbing under the home needs to be replaced. I think mold is blown out of proportion all the time.
  6. I guess I only have to wait another 30 days to find out what someone thinks it is worth...
  7. What do you guys think this house is worth? If it was "just another house" the comparable sales put it at $300k or less. Is the house worth a 30% premium? I really like the house and have visited it twice already, but when it comes down to it, would you want to pay a premium for what you are really getting here?
  8. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y A 6500 SF english tudor is going up for this 1952 Midcentury Modern in Old Braeswood
  9. I went and looked at two of the units and many of the doors inside the units on the east side of the building could not be opened. I was wondering if there were some foundation problems and many of the owners just let their units go instead of pay a massive fee to have the building fixed. Some of the units are getting close to excellent deals, but I wouldn't buy anything in the building without knowing what is going on... Sometimes I wish banks had to have disclosures.
  10. Went by the sales office. $2,000,000 will get you about 2300 SF on the 10th floor with a large balcony. The units come unfinished. You get a kitchen and both bathrooms finished. But everywhere else you get no flooring, no details, no paint, nada. Can't I get something in NYC or Chicago for that? If you take a tour of the model it is quite amusing... you walk around remarking about the finishes and the agent showing you gets to respond in the same fashion every time, "That is not included" It went like this: Nice Floors, what are they? "Not Included" nice fireplace. "Not Included" nice detailing on the ceiling. "Not Included" nice paint. is that ventian plaster? "Not Included" "Walls come with a smooth finish" nice detailing on this wall. "Not Included" nice closet. "Not Included" The agent then explained to me how most highrises come unfinished. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought it was the opposite in Houston? At 2727 Kirby they don't care what you pick, they will install it. Soap Stone, crown molding, ipe... done, done, done. Others usually have a large range of things to pick like at the Mosiac. I agree that the penthouse is probably not that bad a deal, but all of the other units are the same price per SF which makes them quite a bit overpriced....
  11. Actually the first step is calling me! I actively look for lots to develop and if yours is interesting then I could buy it and handle all of the replatting for you. Also, if it is out of the areas I look for developing, then I could list the property for sale (I am also a Realtor) and still handle the replatting. Shane 832.754.8627 or email me at shane@tropicbrokers.com
  12. The Seller is free to accept or decline whatever offer comes his or her way and for any reason. You could make an offer well over the listing price and the seller has no obligation to accept the offer. (However, the Seller may owe the Listing Agent a commission if he brings the Seller a reasonable full price offer. ) Cheers
  13. There is a fence around a parking lot on the northeast corner of Hidalgo and Post Oak in the Galleria Area. I heard that the lot was recently sold, but does anyone know what is going up or even who purchased it? I went by the Turnberry and no one seemed to know or care... which is strange. It was almost like they played it off as a non-issue. You think they would try to find out if their entire building is going to have all the views to the east blocked. Cheers
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