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  1. This is the same thing that I looked at and debated 15 years ago! It turned out to be not much different then and I think it is the same now. Each time the area has a "resurgence" it gets stalled by another area. Freedman' Town, 1st ward, Washington corridor, and now 3rd ward will stall it. If you're looking long term it won't matter in my opinion... If one takes off the others will be dragged up with it.
  2. The trend was said to be reversed a couple of years ago in the upper end of the market, but there are still a ton of polished stainless and stainless fixtures and silver tones must still be the most popular. All good fixtures are brass on the inside. It is highly unlikely that these are not coated in something... raw and polished brass is still not on trend although they are still produced.
  3. You barely need plans if you're doing a renovation. Basically Any plans you submit are good enough if you're the homeowner. I've hand drawn plans on a sheet of paper in front of the planning guy before. It's a bit different if it's a big addition....
  4. and now it's a McMansion... https://www.google.com/maps/@29.767521,-95.564283,3a,75y,99.87h,93.12t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sLTU7lscw3aNpOrjKNjvAhw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1
  5. I used Bambusa "Ventricosa" or Buddha's Belly Bamboo. It is not invasive. The foot print is about 12' in diameter. Grows to 50' tall and has a weeping canopy so you need very few specimens to cover a huge area. I used 6 to block 250 feet of neighbors!
  6. Check out the Acres Homes area of Houston... an excellent investment if you can tough it out for another 10 years.
  7. I am pretty sure this "advertising" is getting rid of everyone that would buy this home. I know I would be extremely afraid of attempting a flip on a home that now has a video out there showing what it looked like. After it is flipped, any buyer coming across it would be uninterested immediately and I wouldn't be surprised if it invited unwanted consequences from a buyer that saw the video after closing. Every home I have flipped, I have wanted to put before and after photos out there, which I have done, but never with the really scary ones... This one is a close call. But I still wouldn't want to close without all advertising being scrubbed from the net.
  8. Both good points! $1440/mo extra does look easy to squeeze out of a budget, and thirty years later everything does look extremely cheap... I guess you just have to worry about making ends meet for 30 years to get there!
  9. Apparently if you are Oscar Renda, then you also don't have to worry about flood zones. He has brought in mountains of dirt into the 100 yr flood zone and even the floodway near TC Jester and I10.
  10. I have been by, I think $1.25M is the average price because they have units priced lower. The floor plans are pretty good, but it is not a surprise they haven't sold many. They were not really finished with what details were being offered when I visited about three weeks ago. For example, the sales office did not know what cabinets where being offered or if the fixtures were going to match the ones in the renderings. I did speak with an architect whose firm is involved in the project and she did know what was being selected and it was quite a surprise at the level of finishes included for the price (Eggersman Level 5). We will have to wait and see if that officially makes it to the sales office. A Conceirge seems like a waste to me. The buildings I have had units in that had only one person working no matter what you called them were always a waste of money. The only time a staff seemed to benefit the residents is when there is Valet and porters. A guarantee this building will not have a 24 hour Conceirge and if it does to start like all the older Randal Davis properties then it will change once the residents take over the HOA.
  11. Let me throw in my two cents: Arche_757 might work in the industry, but he obviously isn't running things at his company, because he is not privy to the actual cost of construction (in 2014 or 2015). No offense, but it looks like where he works charges $225, and no one knows the difference. I have friends that are architects and they are unaware of what a "regular" home costs and only know what their builders are charging. You can expect to pay $135/sf for a non-custom cookie cutter type home (with ok finishes you see everywhere) and upwards of $350/sf for you to sit down with an architecture firm and get a supremely built full custom home with great finishes. There is room on both sides of those numbers. You can be your own GC and skimp and plan everywhere and get close to $105/ft or you can go crazy and get the highest end finishes with outrageous things like hand forged cabinet pulls, automation, solar, quad-pane windows etc etc for $1000/sf.
  12. There has to be some more updates to this post... Anyone have any new architects to add? I would add: Dillon Kyle http://www.dkarc.com/wordpress/
  13. It is still the same 7 years later! Check out the Zillow Mortgage App, which happens to be a good, quick calculator to figure out mortgage/tax/insurance payments. It has an affordability calculator and its default setting is shocking to me... For example: Income: $80,000/yr Down Payment: $60,000 Interest Rate: 3.125% "You can afford a home up to $405,710. This home should fit comfortably within your budget" You can add monthly debt to the calculator to bring the price down, but it seems out of touch. Maybe it is on purpose, because it is to Zillow's advantage to have people looking for homes or maybe all of the U.S. is out of touch... When I entered all of my information in to the calculator to determine what price home it thought I should budget, the "affordability" was 40% higher than a price I would even consider looking at!
  14. Yes. But the front was a victim of the sledge hammer. It was a horrible mistake in my opinion to destroy the brick lattice.
  15. I use to office out of a building right off of the freeway. During the evening and night when the traffic speed picked up the sound was a nightmare! Half price would not convince me to live in a unit with windows facing the freeway.
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