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  1. It was in the gulfgate parking lot close to where 45 and 610 meet
  2. Would a home run still be a home run if they blast the ball out of the sky with a missile? Or would that be a drone rule double?
  3. Jim Crane has enough pull somewhere to get invited to play golf with the pres twice in one weekend. Like I said take it for what it's worth.
  4. This is jus a FYI but the golf weekend that Obama had with Tiger Wood also included Jim Crane as part of the foursome on two rounds. Take it for what it is worth.
  5. Don't forget this ad campaign from 1961. "We are the Men from Texaco We wear the Texaco Star We like to think at Texaco We've got everything for your car We've got wipers for your windshield' Plugs n' Belts n'Tires, too Lubricants and Batteries and polishes for you All the things to keep your engine up to par We've got everything for your car That's why you can trust you car to the man who wears the Star for the kind of products that can take care of you car At every Texaco Station, clean across the Nation You can trust your car to the man who wears the Star The big bright Texaco star!"
  6. That looks more like a drive in movie theater than an amphiteater to me.
  7. LOL TABC rules are fun to try and figure out at times. I remember years ago that there was a building in Gruene that had 2 business in it. The one to the left as you came in the front door sold vine made by a local vineyard and the one on the right was a restaurant that was BYOB. The idea was that you could buy wine to have with your dinner but to be allowed to take the newly purchased wine into the restaurant you first had to go back out the front door and into the parking lot before returning into the building and on into the restaurant to enjoy your meal with the wine.
  8. I thought it was Johnny Rivers that did "Secret Agent Man". That was one of my favorite songs at that time.
  9. but that was only after they painted over alot of the glass panels because players were complaining that they could not see the ball in the air.
  10. and even farther back it was a motocross track. Seems to me that was the late 60's or early 70's when it was open.
  11. The car dealership near gulfgate with the sign with the big rocket on it was Bill McDavid Oldsmoble. Dan Boone ran it for some years before the McDavid boys took it over.
  12. Sorry to bring this back but this made me very sad to see this going throght the old post. I lived with my grandmother and grew up on Ashburn in Garden Villas during the 60's and she used to do all her shopping there and I even got to take coupons in and get the cash for them so I could buy my own stuff. I took the wife through there last April and it made me want to cry. Her old house is now blue with a porch that was added across the entire front. I guess what they say is true. You can never go home again. This place is awsome even though it does make me sad to remember what it was like growing up in the area in that time. Oh and fyi my grandmother taught 3rd grade at Garden Villas Elementry school till 69 or 70 and I went there from 1st grade till 5th grade (64-69) so did anyone here go there?
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