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  1. Ideally, I will like to stay around $150K, because with property taxes and insurance, that will probably come to about $1,500 per month. Low 200s is doable, but I'm a huge saver and would prefer not to spend that much on a mortgage.
  2. Because I was researching good builders in houston. I thought it was good practice to do a search rather than starting a new thread on a topic that might have been previously discussed?
  3. Does anyone know of the City Park community going up around 288 and W. Orem? I noticed several builders are building in the area. My husband and I are considering moving to this area due to its proximity to the medical center. Is this a good neighborhood to move to? Also, how are the schools around this area? If we do buy a home there, we plan on raising our kids there and staying for about 5-7 years.
  4. Any suggestions for good home builders for single family homes ranging in the low 100Ks to 200Ks?
  5. Does Alief not start after the beltway?
  6. Having our home prices cheaper than other places has nothing to do with a person with annual income of $80K being able to afford a $300K home. Regardless of whether the home prices are $1.5m or $500K, if you can't afford it you can't afford it. You can't say just because some markets are more expensive than others it's okay to put yourself in unnecessary debt.
  7. Thank you. How does one protest their property taxes?
  8. I just have several questions I need advice on. 1) Everyone has been saying within the next six months is the best time to buy a house in Houston, as the real estate market is down right now. Is this true? 2) What will Houston's real estate market be in about 2 - 4 years/ 3) If one does choose to buy a house now, is the downtown area a good place to get a town home? Specifically around the 77003 zip code? Is that area considered an emerging area in Houston? 4) What are the property taxes like in this area? Please advise. Thanks.
  9. Have you had any problems with them so far?
  10. I'm trying to decide on an electrical service provider and I'm torn between Reliant or Direct Energy. Which of these companies is better than the other? Which has a lower rate? Are either company known for corrupt practices? I've tried powertochoose.org but that site is so confusing. I have no idea which service area I'm in; I mean what is an Oncor service area versus a Centerpoint service area. Please help! ETA: I live in the medical center area.
  11. I'm basically llooking for a one bedroom apartment, average sized (700+ sqft), washer & dryer in unit, something that has a big closet or extra storage, because I have a lot of stuff. Something that looks decent and is not too old, and not more than 15 mins from the downtown area. I'm not asking for much; just a place I'm happy to come back to at the end of the day. I've pretty much looked at most of the apartments in the medical center/inner loop area (holly hall, 288, 610). Do you have any pictures? About 700+ sq ft.
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