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  1. Thanks for all the leads. Does anyone know about church operated Pre-K/DayCare programmes near TMC ?
  2. We are planning to send our kid (2+) to some sort of pre-K/Daycare/Montessori and would like to get feedback on the Programmes/Places around TMC area. We need only 2 or 3 days a week and trying to find out whether that is an option. Specifically, anyone has feedback on 'Childrens Hour Montessori' / St Nicholas school in Medical center area ? Also, I heard there are some programmes operated by Churches. Appreciate feedback with a note about fees they charge.
  3. I have lived in 'luxury' and 'non-luxury' apmts and I can say its all the same (more-or-less). Its not like the difference between 1-star motel and a 5-star hilton. Another marketing gimmick. When you go to starbucks and order a 'TALL' cup, you know that is the SHORTEST size. LOL!!
  4. It appears landfill/Foreclosures are hitting hard on SCR. This house (3,814 sq.ft) in SCR is listed for 240K. ie, around $62/ sq.ft. Granted, it's a foreclosure but asking prices this low is a definitely a sign of what lies ahead IMO Since landfill expansion is not granted yet, this makes me to think that landfill will dent the image of SCR whether it expands or not. HUGE number of foreclosures adds oil to the fire. I doubt how much damage could be reduced by having an HEB/Accademey/WholeFoods/StarBucks/Barnes-Nobles/PresidentialHeadsPark/etc nearby. Also, this particular house is on the EAST
  5. Yep. This is the one. Thanks for the pricing info. We talked to the sales rep about building SAME floorplan there (lake view too) on last October and after all their INCENTIVES/whatever sales rep offered 295K. NOT A PENNY LESS. At that time we were unaware of the landfill or its expansion. Glad that she did not offer $260,601
  6. We were watching BrookGlen for sometime and there is something intresting. RYLAND had a 1.5 story inventory home (lake view) on White falls drive listed for 345K last January. We saw (in their HoustonChornicle ad) the same house listed for 273K few months before. That is a PURE 20% markdown. That is the day I confirmed Houston market is weakening. (It appears that house is sold now).
  7. Do not want to go off-topic, but curous to know what are those sub-divisions ?
  8. Well, I am quite sure that SCR is badly hit by the Landfill issue and galore of forclosures. I know of 3 people, who have either backed-out or changed their mind about building in SCR. Someone who does his/her own research can easily see that west of SCR is kissing the proposed landifll and would not want live next to it. I drove around some plots on the WEST OF KINGSLEY during October 2006 and also on last month. I was not shocked to see that not much houses have been built during this one year period.
  9. It appears the initial hype is not anymore. For Phase I, I have been told that there was a night camp-out on the Pre-opening sales starting day infront of Meritage Home since they have $260K houses. During the second phase all of them jacked up the prices by 10-15% eventhough there are clear indications are Houston market is coming down. Also, all those flippers who bought in Telfair on Phase I, thinking that they can sell to someone else before closing, is having a hard time to sell it and builders are forcing them to close. (Most) realtors and builder agents try to create the impression that
  10. Pardon my ignorance but could someone tell me where EXACTLY is it and the easiest way to get in/out from 288 South ?
  11. It may be inresting to know where people are buying Groceries from ? I mean the 'default' grocery store for you ?
  12. Some masterplanned communities (at least one - ShadowCreekRanch, at least some parts of SCR (to be specific) is zoned to Alvin ISD also, I am trying to chose between 59/6 (of Sugarland) and 288/FM519 (of Pearland). I think it should have been titled WEST Pearland vs WEST Sugarland
  13. Good luck on your home search, we are also in the thick of it right now!

  14. Thanks. I tend to agree. Media quotes everything outside the loop on Hwy 59 as "South West" which may make sugarland look prone to crime.
  15. I've created a thread in the sugarland section of this website comparing pros and cons of Sugarland and Pearland as we are trying to chose one of them. (Actually I have posted the same in this section also but mods have deleted it considering it as double post.). Following is the link to the other post http://www.houstonarchitecture.info/haif/i...showtopic=13522 Would appreciate your feedback.
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