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  1. Just to jog your memory about what was written in the HBJ about the Target in Sawyer Heights during the planning stages, "Sawyer Heights Village will be an urban shopping center, similar in style to Highland Village and Town & Country Villages, Moss says. The developer is turning Taylor/Sawyer into a heavily landscaped boulevard with brick roadways, and has designs to make the entire project pedestrian-friendly, Moss says." Look what happened...? And that was Target which has a higher average customer income than Wal-Mart. Pretty far from their "Vision" Too bad the Mayor and others don't see 20/20 on what will really happen to the development if the proposed Wal-mart is built.
  2. Pretty hilarious - you have posted over 10,000 times in the past 5 years ...? That's an average of about 5 posts a day every day for over 5 years! Who are you to state that people should change their energies when you spend so much of your time posting? These people are fighting for something they believe in and are taking action. You do not know what other causes the people (that are against the proposed Wal-Mart) are involved in (and nor do I know yours). I have given my time, blood and money for various causes that I believe in; local, national and global. s3mh is young at heart and that's why he believes and will do something. I do hope (as with the other mega-posters) you are actually doing something to make a positive change in your life other than posting.
  3. You are the one telling someone they are wasting their time and energies on this...? How many posts have you made on this thread and you don't live in the area-you live in the 1960 area....? If someone is passionate about what they believe in - whether for or against anything - they have a right to express themselves more than someone sitting up north in EXURBIA speculating on what people should do, think or feel. You are too removed from the heart of the issue.
  4. I think that Houston due to lack of zoning needs responsible urban development not only for the proposed Wal-Mart development, but for future development as well.
  5. hmm...walkable neighborhoods. I have walked to: Kroger (both), Walmart, CVS, Onion Creek, Jenny's Noodles, Lights in the Heights (most every year), Antedote, Jalisco, Berry Hill Tamales, Buchanon's, Metro Mart, Bliss, Shade, Buffalo Exchange, the Shoe repair place an W 19th., friends houses in the area, Heights Boulevard, the cemetery where Howard Hughes is buried, the new Bike Trail, etc....and I am not in my 20's or 30's. This is a walkable neighborhood - people are just lazy (or physically unable to do so.) I understand during extreme heat/heat advisories one should not walk - just like up north people don't walk around during extreme cold/blizzards. The furthest I have walked is about 2-1/2 miles to get somewhere by walking. It's really not that far especially if it's recommended that people walk a minimum of 30 minutes a day (about 2 miles) 5x a week. (Optimum distance is 5 miles daily.) Even a one-mile one-way trip to Yale and Koehler there are apartment complexes within that distance as well as homes.
  6. You do not live near the proposed Wal-Mart -you live in EXURBIA! Therefore your comments about traffic are pretty flippant as you will not be affected nor will you have to drive this area every day at differing times. Your continuing comments are just conjecture of something that will not affect you on a daily basis - therefore don't really carry much weight or substance. I (and I'm sure others) would rather hear from both sides that live in the 3 miles radius.
  7. I posted prior that it is my personal choice and that boycotts are valid. Please don't lecture me about boycotts-I have seen a major boycott work firsthand, my parents marched with Cesar Chavez in California. And before everyone starts with the flippant stereotyping - my parents were not hippies or ultra liberals. My father was a Rocket Scientist....oh but he did always wear a pocket protector to work and wore ties with short sleeved shirts
  8. And I rode a bike around the heights and the majority of the houses (such as mine) were bungalows that had StopHeightsWalmart signs. We come from all walks of life with a common interest.
  9. if it is built and you plan of shopping at the proposed Walmart : for your enjoyment , a preview for you - here is a beautiful video of a proposed shopping center in Weaverville, NC with Wal-Mart as an anchor in 2007: In 2008 here is another video in Weaverville, NC with Wal-Mart pollution running into a stream: Coming to a neighborhood near you...
  10. It's not illogical to boycott stores and developments. Boycotts have been organized & worked throughout history....Grapes, sugar,salt, buses, etc. This is my individual choice - not crazed fan mentality.
  11. ...don't think so - it will be the kiss of death for any local business to be there if the proposed Wal-Mart is built there. Wal-Mart cooties are hard to wash off and anyone that shops there probably feels like taking a shower afterward. I love Spec's -but if the proposed Wal-Mart is built and Spec's opens a store there - I will not patronize any of their stores.
  12. exactly…with all of the noise generated by the locals I hardly doubt that any “chef-driven restaurants, local boutiques and non-chain outlets” are going to risk being in that plaza. Just being in a plaza with a Wal-Mart in general would be a kiss of death for “chef-driven restaurants, local boutiques and non-chain outlets”. If the proposed Wal-Mart gets built - I will not patronize ANY shops in that development. Sorry A-Binder, but people know who you got into bed with and you’ll have to deal with your walk of shame….it will be a long walk in that little black dress and heels.
  13. ...and that answers what I wrote...am I correct that the basics of debate in itself , have left the building?
  14. Heights Boulevard is a thoroughfare - but not a major one. MAJOR THOROUGHFARE: Major, multimodal streets in urban areas (arterials and collectors) which are designed to complement and support adjacent land uses. On the Heights Assoc web site, under History of the Blvd: "The blocks were carefully arranged, scattered open spaces supplemented the 60 foot-wide esplanade on Heights Boulevard, a broad, tree-lined central thoroughfare patterned after Commonwealth Avenue in Boston." Commonwealth Ave. in Boston is considered a parkway and a thoroughfare - not a major thoroughfare.
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