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  1. I can't wait for Panda Express to open. Everytime we drive over to the Target area my mouth starts watering just thinking of eggplant and tofu!
  2. The new coffee shop is called Antidote. Can't wait to go try it!
  3. I just moved here in July but already I have learned about the history of the Heights as the original suburbs of Houston -- the WHOLE Heights had streetcars going down about every other street so that people could easily commute to downtown. That was the original beauty of living so close to downtown and the beauty of the design of the neighborhood. Easy commuting eliminating the need for individual cars clogging roads. So now that time has passed and there aren't any more running rails it just seems sad that they were put out of commission and that the area didn't hold on dearly to some of the the mass transit infrastructure through the decades. The Heights should happily welcome a light rail or commuter rail or whatever.
  4. While no fault around here is capable of producing a single large earthquake like a "big one" there are still plenty of faults through the Houston and Gulf Coast area causing daily damage to roads and pipelines and foundations. The land is slowly sliding toward the Gulf in big pieces. The cost of fixing this damage over and over may not add up to recovery from a San Andreas event but property owners and your local governments are constantly throwing $$$ at mending the cracks and bumps.
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