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  1. Yes, there was one in a strip shopping center immediately south of the old Northline Mall (R.I.P) on Crosstimbers between Fulton and the North Freeway. Building and sign still there, just not with the Roy Rogers name. It's been through a whole bunch of owners/names since.
  2. Any idea what happened to Mr. Gottlieb's contemporaries? Pat Brown also had a deep booming voice and I remember him announcing into the early 1980's on ch. 39. I remember Houston TV had a lot of "fixtures" for lack of a better term. Al Bell and Bob Smith over at 11, Chris Chandler over at 2 (I laughed when John Wayne slugged him in the movie "Hellfighters". What ever happened to them all?
  3. I was never scared of the announcer's voice on "WEIRD". I used to laugh at it as a child. FYI: The voice belonged to the late Ted Bennett, who was Channel 13's weatherman/announcer (He did the announcing for "Dialing For Dollars") back in the early 60's.
  4. I live in close proximity to Richie's #3...it has been through two or three owners since the family who owned it (yes, they are still around...just not in the grocery business anymore). It is now a "Rancho something-or-another". At one time, there were three Richie's: #1 was on East Mt. Houston between 59 and Hirsch Road...it is still a grocery store. #2 was on Langly between Hirsch and 59 and in close proximity to the old Globe (now Sak and Save)- this building no longer exists. FYI from a northside boy.
  5. Yes, it is Sak and Save now and barely survived T.S. Allison. I don't remember it ever being called "Jubilee City" but it has been a flea market on at least two different occassions before becoming Sak and Save. Anyone remember "Shopper's Fair" on Crosstimbers and Shepard?
  6. I remember it was absolutely CREEPY! I remember figures of Clark Gable and Carol Lombadr standing next to a Dusenburg automobile as one of the features. The area was wide open space for the most part, but I remember the drive in theatre AND the KPRC station as I asked my mom if that was where Chris Chandler lived (A popular Houston TV personality of the time). I was about 4 or 5 at the time.
  7. I'm new to this forum and this is my first post and I am not quite sure if this goes here, but here goes: I remember the KPRC studio and the drive in along Post Oak and in 1967 or 68 when I was little, there was a wax museum directly across Post Oak from the drive-in. Does anyone remember the name and exact address of it? I'm curious because I work in the area and figure the museum was located where either Westlake Center or The Hampton is now. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks,
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