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  1. Metered ramps in Houston

    OK, from driving around a bit today the southbound I-45 ramps (between 610 and Beltway 8) start a bit after 5 pm (if I had spent a bit more time at Walgreens I might have used it). The lights there seem to be based on the time of day and not traffic conditions.
  2. Vacant lot south of Robbins Bros.

    It was a very small lot. Realistically, what did you expect? A three-story building is at least a denser use of the space, then, say, a fast food restaurant.
  3. Old messages

    I did re-check the replies to make sure that the 132 weren't the messages and replies, but 40 replies are still unaccounted for. I'd rather see the site sold again to someone who can at least maintain it.
  4. Old messages

    Today I was trying to dig some old photos out a member sent me and to my surprise, I couldn't see my message inbox past 2 years (they were closer to 4 years). The list just doesn't go down that far. Luckily, it appears that they're still on the server (Inbox says 132 messages) but I can't figure out how to access the message I want. I tried to humor the system by turning off adblocks and others, luck, and searching is of course broken. Does anyone have the same problem? Is there a fix?
  5. Garden Oaks-area questions

    It could've been the Garden Center, as Shepherd's Auto Center was to the north of the building. Memorial City's Garden Center was attached. There's some old video floating around YouTube that does have a good shot of it, and that part later became the optical department, which had closed some years before the store went out of business.
  6. Cap Parks Over I-69

    Given Houston's climate, are cap parks really a good idea in case the freeway floods and they need to do aerial rescue?
  7. Old Houston Amusement Places

    The section between modern-day Buffalo Speedway and 610 was completely removed between 1978 and 1989 with a "stub road" at both ends. Yet when Advenir apartments were built, a section of their parking lot was built directly on the right of way (likely due to the way land was split), and THAT was marked as Old Main Street Loop Road on Google Maps!
  8. Brick Streets

    If I recall, I know that I made some posts on this in the forum in the past, but the fight to remove the bricks for improvements has been ongoing since at least 2006 (the plan was always to put them back after the project, but that still met resistance), but there was also evidence that many of the bricks were not original and some had been replaced over the years.
  9. 1344 Yale

    Windows have been added on the Yale side and are now visible, this was boarded-up in the pre-renovation and stucco'd over. It looks like it may have been a garage door at one time.
  10. Church's Chicken @ 2702 Yale

    The building has finally been demolished, lot is now dirt patch slightly below grade. Demolition permit filed late August.
  11. "Two separate full-line Macy's" obviously dates the writing of that, considering Macy's at Sage closed in 2014. As for location, it's a 1.79 acre parcel, but the "legal description" dates it back to 2002. We know it's "north of Westheimer"...the plot where Joe's Golf House was is too small (besides, it was still occupied in 2002), another plot a bit south of it is possible but also on the small side (1.57 acres). My guess is a plot just southwest of Post Oak Blvd. and 610, as it has a proper calculated acreage (~1.8 as per Google Earth), north of Westheimer, is wider in the front than back, and never previously occupied (open space in 2002).
  12. Plan Downtown the next 20 years

    So, replacing the six bridges...okay, Ella Blvd. and 18th, fine, you could keep at least one open at any given time. 11th? Use T.C. Jester. But...replacing Yale? They just DID that. Are you saying that they're going to tear down a bridge that is currently less than 2 years old? The old bridge was over 80 before they wrecked it! (And they wouldn't tear down and rebuild an abandoned bridge, would they?)
  13. The Kirby Mansion: 15-Story High-Rise @Brazos/Gray

    This isn't SimCity where you get a Mayor's House as a first goal...if it was, I bet you I could bulldoze Houston out of traffic congestion issues.
  14. spam until page 7 - yikes!

    Another spam wave hit the Skyscrapers page less than five minutes ago.
  15. HCTRA.CO - a new information site

    The only real missing connection that sticks out immediately is around Uptown, where a true replacement to Post Oak Road is a detriment to the traffic in and around the Galleria area, and even Post Oak Road terminates at Hempstead Road, not 290. Some of the other roads have a problem in that they also function as collector roads (that's a lot of how Wilcrest stacks up on lights) beyond being major thoroughfares. The suburbs are missing key connections, and even urban Houston has problems. There is no Inner Loop road (but one) that has access points to the Loop on both ends. Main did, but a few blocks have been converted into pedestrian malls, besides, driving in downtown with its stoplights and the people around it who throw themselves right into traffic (figuratively, of course...most of the time). 18th/20th/Cavalcade almost does but it's a narrow road for most of the way that doesn't lend well to long commuting. Yale and T.C. Jester don't crack the "Buffalo Bayou gap" (River Oaks/golf course/Memorial Park/etc.), but Shepherd/Greenbriar/Durham does, if there wasn't that two-block gap around Rice...and even then it just merges into Fannin, forced down to one lane for another railroad crossing and the subsequent parallel rail line. Stella Link/Weslayan and Buffalo Speedway don't cross the gap (or Kirby). Only Bellaire/Holcombe/OST even clears downtown, but OST turns north at 45, so by the time it hits 610 as Wayside, it's ineffective at east/west travel. Even the great Westheimer (Elgin) doesn't make it, turning north by 45 as Lockwood. Memorial/Harrisburg/Broadway works, technically, but only eastbound and it still has the direction change problem. Only Scott Street/Hirsch makes it through the Loop unscathed, and just three miles short of making it to the North Belt (but it goes through some of the roughest neighborhoods in Harris County).