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  1. IronTiger

    347 W 20th

    By that, do you mean "can't rent them out to fulfill required parking requirements", or "can't let others use it for parking"? Because the latter definitely isn't true as a whole...there are plenty of places in Houston and others in Texas are shared among tenants, or have parking lots available to rent out.
  2. The Harris County Flood Control District wouldn't change no matter what, and it's absurd to think that there wouldn't be a group response in the event of another Harvey-like disaster, and in terms of land use planning, it's hard to imagine a scenario where separate municipalities would make things worse, so it's a bit of a moot point for any argument against splitting up into smaller municipalities.
  3. IronTiger

    347 W 20th

    No one is saying that the Heights will be near Manhattan, hence the term "theme park version" (and yes, I was being obnoxious on purpose, because in too many topics I've seen this obsession with eliminating front-facing parking lots). In terms of parking garages, the only way to prevent "spillage" if that was a big problem is to build a parking garage, but parking garages are expensive to build, and no one wants to be liable for building a parking garage, unless you wanted the city to build and operate it and take a loss on it for several years (or if a developer bought up every single property to operate it in essence as a mall).
  4. IronTiger

    HEB at 23rd & Shepherd (Formerly Fiesta)

    Both, I imagine. The Bellaire store I found particularly confusing, as there's a parking lot without a real clear indication of where the store actually is relative to you, and then when you enter, you enter into a lobby with elevators and escalators.
  5. IronTiger

    347 W 20th

    Demanding that parking requirements disappear and on-street parking dominate in order to create some sort of theme-park version of Manhattan is the very definition of elitism.
  6. Just because an area doesn't mean that the newly-incorporated cities have to go will have to go through high taxation, permits, and bureaucracy, and the process of annexation means the city can tax immediately but then stall on sewage, garbage, and other features for years. It's been the better part of a decade since College Station forced their way to annex Wellborn (as Wellborn tried too little too late to annex--which due to ETJ restrictions, required College Station's permission) and very few changes have happened except for new street signs. Houston is an even bigger problem as its a large city, which is constantly broke but continually asks for more money to finance everything--unfeasible pay structures for city employees, "big city" programs, some segment of road that's falling apart because it has barely been touched since 1972, trains, et cetera. I disagree with the "balkanization of Harris County is bad" rhetoric because Houston is already sprawling enough in terms of sheer square miles, enough that with minimal cutting and trimming, you could fit Chicago, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Manhattan, Washington DC, and Boston all inside the city limits.
  7. IronTiger

    Redundant nonfunctional stoplights

    In College Station, where I grew up, the "lights on wires" were only used when there was construction that necessitated the change (often, but not always, when the road was widened, but sometimes for other construction). In many cases, the older gray metal mast arms were replaced with shiny black ones. But in Houston, the "lights on wires" is very common, especially in the Outer Loop/Inner Belt area (except for neighborhoods that have had investment to make a sense of place, and again, a lot of these are Inner Loop). Westheimer west of the Loop is like this, as well as Shepherd north of the Loop. The Chinatown area in Bellaire had this if I recall before the horrific construction began around 2012. CoH has been replacing these, especially as most of them are dated and usually have the "yield on green" mechanism (if they have a dedicated left signal at all).
  8. IronTiger

    Porretto Beach Abandonment

    There were a few buildings that extended on piers beyond the Seawall that were wiped out after Ike (others existed in years before). Murdoch's rebuilt, but others like the Balinese Room or Hooters were destroyed.
  9. IronTiger

    Vacant lot south of Robbins Bros.

    The old Town & Country Mall sign stayed up for several years (as late as 2011) last used with a Hotel Sorella banner covering it until it was finally wrecked for new construction.
  10. IronTiger

    Knives of all sorts

    Meat cleavers aren't supposed to cut vegetables...
  11. IronTiger

    Tony Buzbee's bid for mayor

    Houston isn't quite the same thing as other cities politically, but "government waste" is an issue in bigger cities where they demand more and more taxes every election year while the city is perpetually broke and quality of life begins to deteriorate (see San Francisco, for instance). The other issue is even if you have a good mayor, there's probably councilpeople that will block initiatives and cause gridlock. As for "progressives" in city government, it's not really a good thing either. Take College Station for instance, county has consistently voted red for years (still is), but the city council itself is "progressive" in many aspects, with efforts made toward city beautification and new projects, but none of these have really increased the quality of life in the city and are more for ego projects (there was a park in College Station that was actually renamed after a sitting city councilman, for instance!). The alternative is of course, the "develop everything" team, but that has made things worse, too. If only life was more like SimCity, where you could keep everything funded with every ordinance and still turn a healthy profit.
  12. IronTiger

    Buffalo Bayou Master Plan

    That's what 99% of what bike lanes are. Painted different colors with barriers is luxury. Personally, I'm a big fan of the "multi-use path", which is just a really wide sidewalk, and given how a lot of the sidewalks are in disrepair, I'd like to see more of them.
  13. IronTiger

    The Boulevard Project

    Yeah, that's I read too. Basically a disagreement between TxDOT and METRO. It's worth noting that the HOT lanes in the Katy Freeway WERE designed to hold rail but they were never guaranteed it. Basically, METRO got a say in the design in the Katy Freeway due to the original bus lanes being built with federal funds, and they decided to spend a bunch of money to over-engineer them in the chance that they'd be converted to rail later (if that ever actually happened, the HOT lanes would probably need to be rebuilt or repaired anyway from age).
  14. I did a bit of mild digging and I couldn't find anything on which eight the paper was referring to.
  15. IronTiger

    Metered ramps in Houston

    OK, from driving around a bit today the southbound I-45 ramps (between 610 and Beltway 8) start a bit after 5 pm (if I had spent a bit more time at Walgreens I might have used it). The lights there seem to be based on the time of day and not traffic conditions.