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  1. Tony Romas ribs

    I was under the impression Tony Roma's was in Houston at least into the early 2000s with suburban locations (it's hard to keep track of the number of suburban sit-down restaurants--just driving down 290 in the mid to late 2000s showed the staggering variety of stuff that was there). The reason I thought so was that there was a Tony Roma's opened in Bryan in 2011 and closed down a little less than two years later. There was also one in Waco, which still appears as 4325 Franklin in some listings, closer observation says 4225, and that has been Buffalo Wild Wings since at least 2007 (but it still around in 2003, so I want to say 2005 as closing). Finding out that Tony Roma's has been gone in the Houston since the 1990s and Waco since the mid-2000s makes the early 2010s Bryan location all the more perplexing.
  2. Spaghetti Warehouse purchased for renovation

    Supposedly, Spaghetti Warehouse will reopen elsewhere in Houston but I haven't heard anything since fall of last year.
  3. Greenspoint Mall Memories

    A bit late on the draw for this one, but @SpaceGhost and I did find mention of it in the Houston Post in 1981, but we didn't find any more information on it other than it really was planned at one time, and that it would be co-developed with the developer of NorthPark Center in Dallas and designed by the same people.
  4. New HEB in Bellaire

    The Randalls certainly is easier to get in and out, and they recently remodeled, most noticeably getting rid of the seating area in the front (mostly served as a place for bus riders to loiter). The H-E-B...well, it's an H-E-B. There's no up escalator for empty carts, so you have to take the freight elevators in the front. The parking lot is confusingly laid out with not enough places to put carts (no grassy islands), and my favorite brand of white bread (which Kroger almost NEVER sells) was stale.
  5. Lower Westheimer Reconstruction

    Gosh, I could've sworn there was this entire city east of downtown (beyond where Westheimer ends), a bit worse for the wear looking, but it seemed to stretch almost the way out to Baytown. I guess it must have been my imagination.
  6. El Pollo Loco

    Embedded links don't work anymore. Personally, I wish we had a full forum revamp that wouldn't have an editor that thinks it's smarter than you are (and quotes could be easily to manipulate again) but... EDIT: HCAD says that the two-story add-on was built in 1996. It also says that the owners in 1984 and 1985 were High Buel and Etux, and Garcia Abel, respectively. I wonder if either of those could be used to find other locations...
  7. El Pollo Loco

    Unfortunately, I had found the Houston archives downtown don't have the 1985 directory (on display at least) or the 1986 directory ("unavailable"), or the 1985 Yellow Pages. The signs of what EPL would've looked like in 1985 might've looked like this (this was their 1989 logo, not sure if it dates back further), and it is a distinctive sign shape. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two still hung around Houston somewhere...
  8. North Main Street Tunnel

    The grade of the tunnel certainly suggests its possible, as to it being a "subway" it was the likely longest tunnel/depressed underpass in Houston at the time. Surprised the Preston Avenue one is mentioned, the sharp angles it intersects with the nearby roads and the low clearance suggest no streetcars.
  9. Hempstead Truck Stop Closed

    The store was open when I went by Monday. Some notes: - The Pilot sign replaces where the Exxon sign was on the highway sign. - It's accompanied by a brighter price display and a moved Subway sign (with the new logo) - The highway "food" signs advertise a Dunkin' Donuts but it's just a kiosk in the store - Other than the Dunkin' Donuts Express there's no other food options inside except PJ Fresh, a Pilot/Flying J concept - The west entrance (the Denny's entrance) is completely sealed up - The Subway has the new logo but it retains its outside configuration untouched from the previous incarnation
  10. Lower Westheimer, 1981

    Last post... 1504 - Unicorn Bar 1512 - Consignments Etc., Grumpy Grunts Antiques 1513 - Stonesthrow Realty 1517 - Marinis Empanada 1521 - Udder Delight Ice Cream 1525 - Bar-B-Que Ranch 1533 - Lunar Record Traders 1534 - Greek Village Restaurant (I think I found a picture of this one) 1536 - Gyro Gyros Sandwich 1536 1/2 - Mr. Skins Tattoo 1540 - Bedlam Brass Beds 1550 - Taco Place 1600 - Imperial Plumbing Supplies 1601 - D. Butterfield Antiques 1611 - Clip Joint Barbecue Shop 1612 - Reeds Key Shop 1613 - Records Exchange 1618 - Thoede Auto Supply 1619 - UtoteM Food Stores (have a picture of this as a Circle K) 1621 - Single Services 1623 - Mr. Peabody's Wayback Machine 1625 - Scientific Chemical 1627 - Harlan Equipment Co. 1635 - Things Etc. Antiques 1636 - RKM Mopeds 1638 - Butlers Pet Centers 1641 - SOS Radio & Television 1642 - Westheimer Aquatics 1657 - Xerographic Service Center 1658 - Gantrys Dining Sal/Westheimer Food & Beverage 1660 - Anker Billiard Supply (or Anker Billiard Destination) in A, Shaws Tattoo Studio in C, Budget Commercial Sign (or 1 Hour Budget Signs) in D. No info in B 1665 - Blantons Flowers And that should be it...! Well, Westheimer continues (even in 1982) to beyond the 14000 block, but we aren't going to go up to block 140 as 16 was quite an adventure in itself. While it's still a bit of a work in progress (new updates every week, not including updated sections), please visit The Houston Files, a new site of mine focusing on various buildings old and new.
  11. 1344 Yale

    They're doing something weird with the stuccoing, either restoring the brick texture or doing something else to it...I don't have a picture to share because HAIF doesn't have a lot of space to store pictures...
  12. Redevelopment of Bryan's "Midtown"

    They are very awkward, you basically have to make a right turn then a left turn to go straight. For Eagle Pass/Sulphur Springs, they should've taken out the Church's when it was vacant between restaurants (which has been happening a lot in the last five-six years, it was a Church's and now on its third restaurant) and placed the curve there. The North/Broadmoor stoplight is even more weird, as the west road is "East North Avenue", then "North Avenue" on the east side of Texas Avenue. Taking out that failed strip center would be the best option here without chopping out a house. Hensel/Inwood isn't a signaled intersection.
  13. Lower Westheimer, 1981

    Well, I'm just going off what the directory says. Sometimes they do it in straight order, sometimes they don't, and we've already seen errors so far. 1302 - Hills Mobil Serv[ice Station] (present spot of McDonald's) 1318 - Inside-Outside Club and Old Reliable Pest [Control?] 1322 - Bradley 1322 Restaurant 1330 - Baby Face Kosmetiks/Wavelengths (same phone) 1336 - P. Collins Beauty Salon 1338 - Podge Hodge Jeweler (A), Designalliance (B), Fridays Florist (C) 1339 - Sigmor Shamrock 1340 - Cherryhurst Pharmacy 1401 - Sheer Fantasy 1402 - Yupon Used Cars 1403 - Creative Standard Glass 1408 - Joseph Restaurant 1411 - Dramatika, E. Joseph Wine Merchant 1412 - Facets 1424 - Electrical Instrument/Enviromation Div/Pollution Control System (same phone) 1425 - HG Reynolds Security/Westheimer Key & Lock (appear to be same business) 1431 - Als Barber Shop 1435 - Houston Arts & Crafts Just two more blocks to go.
  14. Redevelopment of Bryan's "Midtown"

    No mention of NorthPark Plaza, which was exactly the type of thing everyone wanted but it still failed. It's a strip center at North and Texas Avenue (built 2006) that demonstrates how hard this is. It included a number of restaurants and a few smaller stores (Red Wing Shoes, Cindie's sex shop) but the restaurants there really struggled as it was too far from campus and too far from Bryan. La Riviera, Lenny's Sub Shop, a Thai restaurant, and others have come and gone, and there was even (from what I heard) supposed to be a Hooters in the parking lot...they pulled out about a decade ago and the space was developed as a Bush's Chicken restaurant but even that struggled and it closed down. There was another project, The Garden District, which was built or at least established in the 1980s as a place for locally-owned boutique shops, but there's not much activity there except for a salon or two and law offices. Until the cities can attract some higher-paying businesses to improve the tax base (A&M pays low wages, and for years that was okay since it had great benefits and an easy way to get to work, but that's increasingly no longer the case as there has been tons of outsourcing and a rapid expansion of the university), the "Midtown" area is going to and will suck for years to come.
  15. Sage Store

    Oh, so FedMart was at Bellaire and Hillcroft? Makes looks like Fiesta has been there since 1984, which would put it after Globe for years but still leaves room for FedMart.