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  1. Interesting background history on Phoenix Tower. The spandel panels are being replaced with Silver Glass...so the facade will remain "all-glass" with alternating blue and silver bands of glass. You can see on certain sides and elevations the glass being replaced right now...looks like a lot of work...but I believe it will look very sharp in the end...I like the color contrast so far. Gensler is a top design firm!
  2. As I understand...Spandrel panels are non-vision glass panels. They look like all the other glass on the Tower...but cover the space between floors.
  3. New to the Houston office tower world...and I'm wondering why Phoenix Tower (former Bank United Tower at 3200 Southwest Freeway) in Greenway Plaza seems like a bit of an under appreciated asset. It is a beautiful all-glass tower with nice angles and views in a seemingly strong location. The ownership is implementing some major changes including a new Jack Nicholas Putting Green on its 1/2 acre green space atop its enclosed all glass-facade parking garage. Additionally, the ownership is currently replacing the spandral panels on the Tower with contrasting silver bands of glass. Looks like a promising redevelopment project. Curious if people are favorable towards this tower?
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