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  1. You are likely hearing train horns because neither of the Sawyer Street crossings (and few others) have been upgraded with additional crossing arms and signage indicating "No Train Horn" Heard the train horn while in Target recently. Although the Quiet Zones have been implemented along Washington, a train engineer can still sound the horn should the need arise.
  2. Not sure if this comment has already been replied to. But the likely reason there was never exit and on ramps at Yale was that at the time of Interstate 10 construction there was a railroad industrial spur that paralleled Yale into the west side of the Heights. The old remnants of a RR bridge can be evidenced at Yale and 10. It is also the likely reason for no thru service roads between Studemont and Taylor and at TC Jester.
  3. Interesting topic, no doubt. Continuing south from the former railroad trestle over Allen Parkway, the Galveston Harrisburg & San Antonio apparently had a track that was situated just to the east of what is today Montrose Blvd. It connected with the current active tracks south of the Astrodome. This is based on the Houston Terminal Map printed in the Railroad Atlas of Texas published by SPV of England. ©2001. Finding any traces of this track is virtually impossible today. However looking at Google maps, the street grid near La Mexicana restaurant at Fairview has very railroad-like curve, and it would be in-line if you 'drew' a line northward to the old Sears warehouse. Southward is anyone's guess.
  4. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cfm?mlnum=44631564&class=2 This is a listing that piqued my interest. Its seems like a very nice opportunity to escape renting, but I wonder if any others might have some other insight or issues. Some potential drawbacks 1) Its pretty close to the bayou although it seems to built up high enough to avoid a significant flooding event 2) Adjacent to an older apartment community Thanks
  5. >>The ironic thing is they used a symbol of a train for a city that has basically abandoned the train except for the new light rail (a step in the right direction as far as I am concerned).If this was a city that embraced their history of rail transit (like San Francisco) I could see the train logo, but for Houston they should have a car or highway on the logo. Or maybe in the next 10 years some shiny new light rail train logo! Hmm, Houston hasn't abandoned the train at all. The train on the logo was (likely) representative of the part trains played in developing Houston commercially. Even in the heyday of passenger rail (pre 1950s), the number of trains calling at Houston - via the various railroads - was minor league compared to cities like St. Louis, Memphis, K.C., Minneapolis
  6. Some people on this thread might be shocked or surprised that LQ has had a NYC-Manhattan for four or more years - and priced accordingly at $250+. LQ is hardly a down-market chain like some suggest, many locations are nicer than the adjacent Marriott Courtyard and generally cheaper.
  7. Not so much road designs, for me its the unprotected left turns in Montrose/River Oaks that back up traffic (and the self-serving jerks who don't put on their turn signal till the light turns green). The city needs to crack down on these intersections with No Left Turn 7 a.m-9a.m. and 4p.m. to 7p.m. signs. Most annoying...the a-holes who have to left turn off Peden to go south on Shepherd (by La Madeleine) block north bound Shepherd traffic. There's a protected left 100 yards to the north - use it. The city should make that a right turn only intersection. Others: W. Gray at Dunlevy (just about the worst) W. Gray at Waugh (one of the worst) Waugh at Dallas Westheimer at Dunlevy Dallas at Montrose (for Dallas drivers) San Felipe at Shepherd (by Taco Bell) San Felipe at Weslayan (for San Felipe drivers)
  8. If you live on Hazard and you hear train horns, you are almost certainly hearing the trains that are crossing Shepherd/Durham/T.C. Jester, et al. - which is the same track that crosses Westheimer/Richmond, et al. Although it is a quiet zone, there's no reason why a train engineer can't blow his horn if necessary. Stupid people need to be reminded on occasion.
  9. Work has begun on the backside of Allen House - closest to the W gray Kroger. Large drainage pipes are being laid in the former parking area.
  10. IMO, a MLB park built near New Braunfels (or even a bit north) would be home run. San Antonio needs a regional approach to land any further major league franchises and put its tail between its legs and accept that the games won't be in downtown. The S.A. Austin region has surpassed 3 million. Frankly I'm not convinced that the Saints, Devil Rays or a host of other franchises' futures are secure in their respective cities. Would a 6-10 Saints team draw like last years playoff squad. Doubtful. But major league sports are over-rated as economic generators. S.A. should persue high-quality educational, employment and other opportunities for its population and increase it's per-captia.
  11. Is this the old site of the Half Price Bookstore? Will that older complex be razed? 200-400 condo for lower income was proposed? On that size plat?
  12. That building in San Antonio is the Tower Life Building. At one time the tallest building west of Mississippi and the first air conditioned skyscraper. Since the list is more of a popularity contest, than where the hell is the Alamo? It certainly is one of the most famous buildings in the country.
  13. Surprised I'm the first to post this revelation (at least I think I am), but the Allen House is slated to be re-developed. Notices were on the doors of 3535 and 3505 Dallas and 3601 Allen Pkwy. June 1 closing. Mixed used development planned...kind of explains all of the recent structure torn down in the area. Surely the Chronicle will be on this news. As for me, well its been home for a bunch of years...
  14. The An-225 has been visiting IAH several times a year for the last couple of years. The An-124s are probably weekly visitors sometimes 2x at a time.
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