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  1. First of all, If this topic has already been started please feel free to merge it with that one. In an unbelievable turn of events In-N-Out, the west coast burger joint is setting its eyes on the lone star state. This is truly shocking because they were always against expanding away from the west coast. If I were Whataburger I would be scared, really really scared as It's burgers DO NOT compare to In n Out. As an ex-California resident this is music to my ears. Enjoy the article: http://www.huffingto...r_n_591188.html It looks like Garland, Texas has been chose for the chains first spot, as well as another spot near TCU. Once expansion begins in Dallas, I have a strong feeling that Austin, San Antonio, and Houston would sure to follow. So what are your thoughts?
  2. Go to KatyISD. Rylander feeds into Cinco Jr and Cinco High...you can NOT go wrong. I have children who went to Cinco HS and a child at Rylander could not be happier with the schools. They are now a sophmore and senior in college. Great schools, and great quiet neighboorhoods. Good Luck!
  3. Does anybody know what is being built next to the firehouse on Westheimer Parkway? At first I thought it was a restaurant but now its looking like a big house, I don't know does anybody know what is being built?
  4. Houses lease fast and expensive in Cinco Ranch. For a 4bd 2-3 bath your looking at $1600-2200 per month.
  5. Actually a church (Family Life Assembly of God, currently located on Mason Rd.) bought 8 acres of it and it started to clear some land so that they could begin the building. However this chunk of land is bigger than 8 acres so I really don't know what else is going on there. I do have to say though that this side of town is becoming increasingly popular for churches!
  6. We have a Meritage Home and we have had a good experience with them. They always came to fix our problems, nothing major just normal cracks and what not. The only negative thing I have to say is that our home was delivered three weeks late but it was probably due to the weather. If we had to do it all over again we would go with Meritage Again. However please be careful about buying in that section of Cinco Ranch they are all "less expensive" homes look at other sections of Cinco Ranch and see how it turned out like the section on 1093 and Mason go inside and see, this is how i predict the neighborhood to be in 4-8 years. Overall its good tough close to schools and shopping.
  7. Yes it is going to be an HEB they are just going to wait to see how the Kroger settles and when they are doing well, BAM HEB is going to hit them where it hurts. They are going to build it in the front it may not be directly but it will be across from it. It will be like the HEB at Bunker Hill and I-10.
  8. Your right here is the link to the video: http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/video?id=6905551 but at least Tomball residents will have a "park" I wouldnt go as far as to say a "full blown six flags theme park".
  9. This will be the largest Kroger in the entire state of Texas and will be the fifth one that the company has ever built. According to an article that I read it will basically have everything that the HEB on S. fry has (Gourmet food, healthy section, etc.) but will also have a jewelery store and Ashley furniture. I also read that in some part of the store it looks like a JC penny's with clothes and the like. This will be very interesting, if they "Kroger's" only knew what is going to be built right in front of them across 99.....within the next year year and a half............
  10. There also at the corner of I10 and 99. They get on my nerves! They decided to do drugs, they decided to live progressively worse, go get a job doing anything so you can have some sort of income. I remember when my I gave a homeless lady my lunch (Turkey Sandwich, soda, chips, cookie, and a peppermint)..I did not want to give her money as I thought that she would use it to buy drugs. As i go forward I look back at my rear view mirror and she threw it in the trash can!!! From there on in I have no more pity for the beggars.
  11. No no no, get ready for this one. The county wants to Cement the two left entrances that lead into The HEB shopping center and Hobby Lobby. They want to make S. Fry with the median the entire way to 99. They said that there has been to many accidents when people are turning left. HEB, Hobby Lobby, Palais Royal, and the Home Depot are fighting this tooth and nail. I think this is a very bad idea they should just put a stop sign.
  12. Once again, I hear a lot of people saying that their stores are busy...There is a reason that their stores are always busy its great service and great prices. I just don't find that at Kroger, Wal-Mart, nor Randalls. Supporting a Texas owned business, the largest private company in the entire state!!
  13. Heck yeah there shaking in their boots. This is Kroger's most "profitable" store in the entire Houston region! HEB is going to make a HUGE dent into their pockets and HEB knows it!! Building right in front of them was no "coincidence" they know their target market and they know it well.
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