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    Pennzoil Place

    I think it's work done on the curtain wall, I was guessing resealing/weather stripping.
  2. Nor did I, they're just different neighborhoods meeting different needs and cultures. I am reminded of seeing Deer Park branded bottled water for the first time.
  3. That was my first thought. Whoever thought up the name clearly isn't from around here. Montrose and Bridge City are like craft cocktails and Natural Light.
  4. They’re lining up their shot for 2050.
  5. There was at least one other DLI building that was axed when we had the downturn that would have taken out a surface lot, but north of the ballpark is still a blend between the courthouse stuff (bail bond shops) and the Salvation Army/Star of Hope/underpass encampment traffic, that's going to make things lag. DT as a whole had that whole feel and dynamic in the 90's, I think it will come around.
  6. Maybe with the whole plaza redone and the extra volume in the lobby of the building it will make sense, but it sure seems like a whole lot of effort for something so "tacked on".
  7. Thanks for compiling this, really cool. I've been here more often than not over each of the last 20 and it's hard to overstate the change.
  8. We’re to the 10 guys standing around one excavator stage, that’s progress!
  9. I want to be a render person some day, I'd do something like this lady. "Aaah my eye!"
  10. https://liveatbrava.com/ the website from the fence banner, not sure if it was posted earlier.
  11. Right. Tunnel level is pretty awful, but I thought street level was inoffensive.
  12. I knew the family owners of the building and business (a pest control chemical company) at the corner of Jackson/Polk to the south of the convention center that had been there for decades. It was frequently robbed and wasn't anywhere anyone wanted to be. It's around the Hilton's loading dock area now. The whole convention center/DG area transformation since the early 80's is mind boggling.
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