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  1. Agree. It will make a great backdrop when facing south. The ES was very boring, but being set back as far as it was, you had the gap of the parking lot providing the frame for that side of the park as much or more than the ugly box when you were over there. This parcel and the others immediately across the street really add to the atmosphere of the park. The Avenida promenade, The Hilton, Marriott, Hess, OPP and the new Parkside tower give us a nice scope and scale to round out the field of view.
  2. I like it, with this and the new Skanska buildings, DG will be in a big bowl of large structures, which is a unique effect of urban parks.
  3. Beginning to get the feel for how DG will look once the ES is obscured.
  4. I'm interested to see what they do for the playing surface. I know NRG has hosted CONCACAF matches and other "friendly" high end exhibitions, so they seem to have solved the "trays of green mud" approach used a few years back with the Texans.
  5. Ii it possible that they have had to discount the Main facing units compared to the others due to the constant noise from the light rail? Better windows may make them as quiet as the other units.
  6. Not that I'd go to the ES for lunch, If someone made a decent omelette downtown not at gouge the travel budget hotel prices I'd be all over it. There was a place in the Aris food hall (Bravery?) that made good ones, but that operator either flipped concepts or moved out.
  7. Nice. This would "complete" Texas Ave/St from the new Jones Plaza/Wyatt Square to the ballpark, unless you count the parking lot that used to have the B.U.S. bar as a net minus.
  8. My unscientific observation is that there are some pockets in the tunnels that seem to be fully "back", but overall, while you always had a lot of turnover in the shops, there are a lot more empty stalls than there were historically with only a handful of new places opening. I'd guess there will be consolidation with the successful places getting concentrated and fill their empty holes while the other locations find some other alternate use. The remaining open/accessible places are doing well, again in spots. The pan-Asian food court under the Jason's Deli at Main/McKinney is frequently jammed as is the expanded space under Pennzoil and the new BofA building does good business, though a few of the stalls did not reopen after Covid. Allen Center seems humming along just fine too. The HC shops are a hot mess, The area around the former Beck's is almost completely dead, and Chase tower is down an Alonti and a pizza shop but up a Brown Bag Deli.
  9. The elevators in 3HC/Fulbright Tower will get you closer to CFA if the guv takes you up on the offer, but you'll have to eat in the skybridge. The usability of this place is drastically reduced at the moment, the few shops hanging on there must be getting a massive rent break to bother staying open in a place that can't handle what they signed up for in terms of access to and amenities for their customers. I'd imagine that they were pretty close to shutting everything down completely.
  10. They built a new one in downtown Amarillo across from their minor league ball park, it's actually way nicer than what you would expect from what they built the brand up to be from the beginning. The worst ES has to be Charleston, WV. Like seemingly everything in that town, it hasn't been touched since construction was completed. This one looks dumb, and way dumber than the rendering we got at the outset, but all's well as it's exterior is going away for all practical purposes.
  11. I guess it's too late to swap the entirety of the bayou frontage downtown for East River. That does seem better.
  12. I wasn't trying to imply it was realistic or likely, just that it could make for a really cool area if the jails weren't taking up so much space and repelling neighbors. It could plausibly pay for itself via land value and higher tax value after the fact, but that's just speculation. All that said, the county likely doesn't care all that much and they would be controlling the deal. Didn't they just finish a brand new facility too? But as for where to relocate, just pick your personal least favorite corner of the county. I'd pick something industrial off Almeda or maybe next to one of our landfills.
  13. Tons of potential along the bayou there, and I doubt there are shortages of interesting visions. Seems to me if you moved the jails, you would get a massive pop in value for everything on the north side of downtown and accelerate interest north of the bayou up toward St Arnolds/Warehouse District. Houston's growth doesn't seem to be slowing much, and we're going to need some density to make that work. Moving the jails and making that area residential wouldn't be too painful for anyone and would be an easier place to live in densely given the location.
  14. I may be mixing concepts, but the Days Inn/Heaven on Earth was mentioned as a candidate for some manner of affordable housing, but again, maybe only here. The 800 Bell residential speculation is probably just plausible wishful thinking for it's next use given the amount of nicer and better located vacant office space elsewhere downtown. That property represents a huge chunk of square footage and I wonder how much work it requires to keep the infrastructure from decaying.
  15. T Get this, 800 Bell and everybody's favorite former transcendental meditation center/junkie-squatter-sky-hovel renovated and filled with residents and that's a pretty big neighborhood on top of the other stuff that's already (or about to be) occupied.
  16. Nate99

    511 Main St.

    I missed the earlier time series of the roof replacement, but had walked by a couple of times when the front door was opened revealing the whole thing being completely gutted. I'm unlikely to find myself in a night club, but given the condition of the roof and interior, seems like any future use would have been a long shot.
  17. That’s it. I searched “Chenevert” and whiffed.
  18. Apologies if there’s a thread that I missed, but I don’t recall seeing anything. I noticed on the previously vacant half of the block across Chenevert from Irma’s, in front of the 7-8-ish story lofts there are two stories of wood framing are already built up with some structural steel built into one corner I am guessing apartments, but with mostly all wood structure, it would be limited to 4 ish stories, right? Anyone know what these are about or where the thread is?
  19. Over in the Minute Maid Mixed Use thread, there was a report of Crane talking big on developing a "district" around the park like Wrigleyville. The old lots that used to have the BUS bar, the private jail off Crawford and now this are all his, I think. Sound like a ton of property to work with, hope he gets after it soon.
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