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  1. FWIW, it looks like they are replacing the common order system that all of the stalls shared. Yong was running off of an iPad and a Square dongle for credit cards today. That might have put the place out of commission when the old system was shut down.
  2. Maybe this will help. From back on ~ p.16 of the thread - the stakes will be there to shelter you as you wait to be seated to enjoy your steaks.
  3. FWIW, they set up the complicated looking soil test rig just south of where they stopped drilling pilings. Possible that there is a significant soil change across the footprint.
  4. I think this is what I originally had in mind, but the banks of the Bayou downtown right there are really fairly steep, I don't know if there would be enough room unless... ...you did something like that. It would have a certain "charm" that couldn't be replicated elsewhere. Watching the engineering for something like that come together would be really cool in this spot.
  5. It would be interested to see how the parcel is platted and what kind of easement is there for the bayou. I would guess that it would be significantly more expensive to build something substantial there. I momentarily thought maybe someone could incorporate a patio or something down by the bank, but he bayou isn't particularly well suited for alfresco/waterside ambiance, to say nothing of hardening your structure/décor for flood resistance.
  6. That northwest corner isn't going anywhere...
  7. Looks like they may have reached the top of the ramps/garage section of the podium. The forms look to be set up to be parallel to the ground rather than on an incline.
  8. In 100 years when they demolish this thing, the people in the Hogg Lofts are going to be listening to jackhammers for a year.
  9. There are a few things in flight (gates on LH dam, more dredging, etc.), but even those seem like a tough political slog to get executed, and not for lack of willingness to fund I don't think, though there is an element of, "why don't we see if we can get federal money for this", to be sure. If something on the scale of Harvey were to happen again, the loss of taxable value in the area would be horrendous.
  10. You're not alone, I think it would have been great, but there seem to be very few Kingwood residents that think likewise. Heck, I might have moved into it. The project as rendered seemed beyond ambitious, and even if there were unanimous support in the area for it, I wouldn't bet on it going forward, but the NIMBY-ism machine got spooled up on this really quickly. Somehow everyone was convinced that the development on the lake would necessarily make flooding worse. Something this big could be designed as a win-win in that regard, but no one trusts anyone enough to even manage the obvious stuff that needs to get fixed. Perhaps the developer is either waiting for memories to fade (the inability to go six months without water in homes isn't helping) or wants to take another cut at it once a more fulsome drainage mitigation plan is in flight. My hopes are low that any such plan will get beyond nominal gestures.
  11. My initial HEB comment was more in jest than anything. It's plausible for sure, but as everyone says, there's tons more to do before something like that would get settled. HEB is a bit of a presumed evidence of a "permanent thriving neighborhood", or at least wishfully so. Hope it all works out.
  12. Ditto, never heard of them, but if they only made 10, there were probably a thousand such companies that made bodies and interiors for existing chassis back in that era and earlier. If they weren't in Southern California in the Hotrod scene or near the OEM's in Detroit, 50's media probably never caught wind of their existence.
  13. I think that's the Frost Town substation that H-Town was referring to. It looks almost Victorian with riveted steel structures.
  14. Maybe if there were to be a larger scale re-design of the area's needs, a repositioning of that substation could be incorporated. A gigantic new development might necessitate such a move.
  15. Progress continues on the piling garden, and they have added a mysterious circle in the middle.
  16. This is great. If the Marquette (?) tower opposite the Marquis and this get completed with more residential, and Brookfield's HC vision works out, that end of DT will be a really nice amenity rich neighborhood. Where are they putting the HEB? 😉
  17. I thought I remembered reading that, but wasn't sure. Even when Mia Bella was there, it was mostly vacant upstairs, or at least looked like it was. Not sure what the best use of that would be, or if it's going to take bribing a developer into a restoration redevelopment, presuming its not a lost cause tear down.
  18. This block and the old Mia Bella building are there for redevelopment, not sure what could push something over the top for either. If the State National/Moxy thing ever gets going, that would be yet more momentum for the area. With continued development, would tax valuations necessarily creep up for the undeveloped property and make a parking lot uneconomic? The block next to the Houston Ballet building and the Chase drive-thru are two others that could turn into something else in the area. They are relatively low, but maybe worth building something elevated. One more big residential development might lead to a critical mass for all the other stuff mentioned.
  19. Definitely agree. It's going to extend the "canyon" feeling at street level on Travis and Milam given how much it fills up the block and how tall the podium will be. It's big.
  20. It could have searchlights panning across the walls at night and a big draw bridge!
  21. The Fed facility on Texas Ave/St is an odd place for a prison now that the area around it is no longer a heinous disgrace as it was when it was built. I like the "little Alcatraz" concept with the North Canal flood control plan, though I don't know if there would be room (or more importantly any political/administrative will) to move the Federal facility over there by the County folks, but it would be psychologically tidy to put all of the necessary but unfortunate places on a literal island apart from the increasingly desirable downtown. There's also the privately (I think) operated prison down by MMP, across Preston from the back end of the 500 Crawford apartments. It may have been vacated already. Not sure who owned the facility or land, but there's another block that could be unprisoned.
  22. Didn't realize this building was no longer used to house inmates. Wonder what they'll do with the block.
  23. It may be a bad guess, but it's just that, so wasn't a factual assertion at all. The current lot is small, and access right off Texas has to be a mess at peak game time, but many private garages make extra effort to get gameday parkers in, I don't think IWA/Annunciation's current situation would preclude having a plan for a garage that made them extra revenue without conflicting with the needs of the church/school.
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