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  1. My idea was to give it to CrossFit and have them do some kind of workout that involves manual demolition and running up and down stairs with buckets of debris.
  2. Ideally it would have been neat to repurpose the West building, but I don't remember that much about it honestly, apart from wanting to get the heck away from it whenever I went by, but that's not its fault directly. The Montagu would have needed a redo as well. On net, can't complain.
  3. prior to the JW opening and BG Place being built, that block was skanky as all get out. Massive turnaround right there.
  4. Yep, it's all kinds of different. This is looking the other direction from my picture earlier, but you can tell that the whole area is getting reconfigured. It looks like the sidewalks will be wider and the curb will be farther out from the wall, so all of the drainage and whatnot has to move.
  5. Status of McKinney Street: jacked.
  6. I was aware of Uniqlo from their sponsorships of Djokovic and Federer, but had not heard of Balenciaga, so I looked them up. Who knew I was so forward fashion thinking when I dressed like this as a geeky 12 year old kid from the 'burbs. Fashion is a strange business, more power to them, I guess.
  7. Probably should for many reasons, but as a reminder of just how bad this thing is, it's an interesting artifact.
  8. That's good news. As suboptimal as the particular design may have been, it was going to be awful if left to decay 10% complete as it has sat for the last few months.
  9. Looks quite dormant, there is no activity that you can see from the street.
  10. The end product should work out much better for the area, I think HC was supposed to be some massive mall complex that was cut way short. I'm not sure if the original designs would have held up better had that vision come to pass, but this has some real potential. Add some more residential and whatever else they're doing with the Skanska stuff, and you have the DG walking area radius looking like a really great neighborhood.
  11. Awesome spot. Quoting to get it on the next page in the thread.
  12. As usual, I don't actually know any specifics here, but the first thing that popped into my head in either scenario would be how disruptive it would be to continue the tower upwards on all of the builing infrastructure. Utilities, elevators, etc., would have to have some pretty innovative (expensive) engineering for them to just pick up where they left off and keep going up with everything a hotel takes to run efficiently. In my uneducated mind, seems like some additional work in the footprint of garage portion would make the effort more manageable, but there was talk of building it for the next phase, so there could be Easter eggs of engineering tucked into what is there now that I can't see.
  13. Three half serious thoughts come to mind on this farce: Maybe for the twentieth anniversary of its last functional use, we can have some sort of celebration. It's entirely possible that it will sit unused in stadium purgatory for longer than two successive Rangers stadiums in Arlington were used by the franchise (22 seasons for Arlington Stadium, 26 seasons for whatever they called the thing that opened in 1994), take that Dallas! At this point, it seems the county's plan is to wait for everyone that has good memories of the place to die off so as to minimize political blowback on whoever the county judge is at the time the physical structure succumbs to neglect and gravity.
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