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  1. I was being a little snarky before about the nomenclature; every "food hall" seems to have "concepts" that are "chef driven". If it is a food court with better quality, bring 'em on. Whoever writes the ad copy seems to be grabbing buzzwords and it seems that a lot of these things will be (or are at least at some stage planned to be) hitting all at once. Poorly run restaurants and/or bad food won't last long anywhere and good food will always be popular. Seems like they set these things up to have the tenants come and go, so what works stays and what doesn't gets replaced, supposing they have enough chefs to step up and pay the rent.
  2. They were putting some bracketry on the Milam street side just today.
  3. Looks like we are going to need about three dozen chefs downtown to drive their concepts, we've got a hell of a food hall backlog building up.
  4. Hines Block 42 Residential High-Rise: 46-stories

    No, garage is still operational.
  5. Hines Block 42 Residential High-Rise: 46-stories

    Looks really nice. That’s a lot of people in one spot now with Catalyst and Alexan just down the street. How about that two story Central Market on the lot across Main from the back of Aris?
  6. Seems like we have had a few co-working spaces pop into the market recently, but I really don't have an idea of how much demand is out there for those things, so maybe that works. I feel more confident that we can reach food hall saturation downtown without one more all the way over there. Putting one effectively out of foot traffic range for office workers seems like an even worse idea than competing against the other three that are yet to open their doors, one of which is not yet even actively building out.
  7. Pretty sure he's one of principal owners. Maybe he just farmed out his name, but he's involved in the business.
  8. They have blocked off the sidewalk around part of the building now. Looks like this is getting going.
  9. The more, the merrier, I suppose. I find that it takes very little effort to find a tasty cheeseburger out there, but the market never seems to get saturated, if you pardon the pun.
  10. 100 N Jackson St

    Even better.
  11. This lot, Calpine, Chase and Jones Hall are at the Milam/Texas intersection. As noted, Calpine and Chase are diagonally across the intersection from each other. I think the diagonal orientation of the building in relation to the street grid and the limitations of the rendering make it a bit wonky looking in places.
  12. Getting the right economics depends on how much the ground underneath one or three projects would cost as one fixed component, but the price per floor will increase the higher you go among many other considerations.