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  1. Once these two buildings are online, the area here is going to be a top notch neighborhood, you have brand new Class AA office, three really nice residential towers, historic buildings, a park, a couple of boutique hotels, bars, restaurants, etc. If One Market Square's half block gets developed, then you have the bank drive through and the half block next to the Houston Ballet to go in this immediate vicinity completely open for whatever development someone could come up with. I'm a big fan of the way this is turning out, hope the momentum keeps up.
  2. The more floors you go up, the higher the cost per total square feet. 2 50 story buildings are going to cost more than 5 20 story buildings unless the land itself is really expensive. .
  3. It looks like they're taking out the escalators on the Travis St. side. Should open up the street level lobby. The tenant floor elevators are all on the second floor, slightly inconvenient for them.
  4. It only outlines the problems and ignores the cost and feasibility of the supposed alternatives that are wide ranging and intrusive. All are valid approaches and ideas that should be discussed politically, but METRO and TxDOT are both fairly famous for avoiding political accountability. People care about bathroom bills way more than who is greasing who's palm for what benefit. Using transit to sporting events as a supposed upside for the reader to imagine ignores the light rail rodeo experience most of us try to avoid, even before you compare it to the absurdity of paying $40 to park for an Astros' game. No one does that apart from the diamond club folks that wouldn't be caught dead on public transit, unless they need it for their campaign photo op. Paying $15 to park and then wait a half hour for a packed rail car sounds fairly competitive to $40 now that I think about it.
  5. Interesting logistics thought experiment. One shrinking refugee camp on one end and a growing one at the other. That amount of people in one place is hard to get my head around. You would need every imaginable way to get around.
  6. Is Marshall a proposed name, or did they just render the brand name on to the PA speakers? https://marshall.com/
  7. Yeah... So... How about that sky lobby, that was pretty cool.
  8. As long as they limit it to skyscraper construction, I'll allow it. Another 20 million people evacuating the next hurricane would be kind of rough.
  9. I started to type up a response about how none of these were practical given the current state of surrounding communities (poor, quasi-rural/industrial), but you mentioned Pearland. I grew up in Friendswood in the 80's, and, snobby as it may have been, Pearland was considered ugly, trashy and low-rent. Alvin was close to the same, but more rural. Sheldon/Huffman are like that now, likewise Huffman/Crosby/Highlands. With better access, those areas would grow like crazy if the economy supports it. They're also unincorporated and can get trucked by developers with more political clout!
  10. Pricing without a market is always dodgy business.
  11. Just went back and looked at the renderings, and I think the square podium will be nearly as tall as the Rice. This is going to take up a lot of perceived volume from the street, it will look imposing. As for a webcam, I haven't heard of one, but then you do have this thread.
  12. Heck of a service you performed Lum! This is a really cool dashboard for the whole city's development with a quick drill down into the hive's detailed content.
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