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  1. https://liveatbrava.com/ the website from the fence banner, not sure if it was posted earlier.
  2. Right. Tunnel level is pretty awful, but I thought street level was inoffensive.
  3. I knew the family owners of the building and business (a pest control chemical company) at the corner of Jackson/Polk to the south of the convention center that had been there for decades. It was frequently robbed and wasn't anywhere anyone wanted to be. It's around the Hilton's loading dock area now. The whole convention center/DG area transformation since the early 80's is mind boggling.
  4. Interesting. The lobby was redone not that long ago, pretty much all of the tunnel tenants were killed off by 2020, I think.
  5. No opinion on the relative look personally, but walking into or out of the lobby always seemed unnaturally cramped by the prior design.
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