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  1. Cool. The vacancies/underused buildings are dropping like flies. Given everything else that has grown up and changed around them, I'm excited for what the lot across Main from this one and the big super lot between the Marriott Marquis and IWA could be. In another 20 years, we'll be freaking old, but imagining how DT could plausibly turn out is pretty exciting, especially if you saw it during the 80's/90's.
  2. Adding to MM's documentation, but it looks like the song of the jackhammers will re-commence soon. I wonder if they'll just drive Bobcats up the ramps and chip their way down.
  3. I never tried that place, seems like they weren't ready at the opening with their oven out of commission. I imagine the vendors are paying premium rent, they better have a premium product that they can charge a lot for to make it up and stay in business. Decent pizza is pretty cheap to make, and you could already find that in three places within a three block walk of Finn Hall.
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