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  1. Late coming back to the discussion, I was recalling another photo of the neighborhood just south of Union Station that you can see in the arial shot, I didn't realize that wasn't contiguous.
  2. Even older photos show the Frost Town neighborhood surrounding what is now MMP, with Annunciation Church's steeple sticking up among a dense cluster of two-story homes, not unlike the one that Annunciation quasi-restored/reconstructed as offices. I'm not sure how far the original Houston Center sky city concept went before everything went bust, but at least in renderings it stretched way out in all directions. Maybe some buildings were demolished for that along with other dynamics shut down the east side of DT. Houston kept growing, but that part was abandoned.
  3. Attendance is up ~50% from 2014, it was even higher in 2018. Win a few pennants and even the folks from Tomball will figure out one way streets!
  4. That Food Mart has probably had a half dozen of its windows smashed out since it opened, always promptly replaced. I worry for pizza bot's safety.
  5. I was under the impression there was only the one guy with a very limited tool box involved in the whole project since it restarted.
  6. Downtown needs a Waffle House. It would be a glorious sh_tshow, but I'm pretty sure you could keep it in the black with its own YouTube channel.
  7. If Craneville comes around, that's a whole step change in development, but I echo what everyone here says. I'm 45, when I was a kid in the 80's my step father owned a family business that was located more or less directly under were I took that last picture at the corner of Jackson (now ADLA, sort of) and Polk. The Park Shops were at the outer reaches of downtown a few blocks away, but before (and even for a while after) the GRB, that area was nowhere anyone ever wanted to be.
  8. Ooh, I like this game. Can Kingwood be SoPoNoRi? (South of Porter, North of the River)
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