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  1. The restaurants and bars up that way were hit hard during all of the shutdowns and the reduced worker traffic during the week hasn't helped either. The blocks from Prairie to Congress have always been pretty dingy by day. If the (State National?) bank refurb to Hotel ever gets going, that could help, and the parking lot could be a grocery store for the three residential towers that are nearby, but dealing with the homeless in the area would be a challenge for any retail.
  2. The statistical likelihood that you could find 43 people in Houston that would be approved for that apartment that only have 13 cars among them seems rather low. For someone that has a parking spot at the office and wants a place to crash in town to avoid commuting to Livingston, Willis or Columbus every day, I see some upside. It's really close to the law school, maybe some other students would go for that too, don't know. I think there's likely a reason that we haven't seen anyone build anything like that yet, but I could be missing something.
  3. It's a testament to the metro area's growth. The track was way off in the middle of nowhere beyond a bunch of industrial stuff when it was built, but Houston caught up to it. They could build another strip up 59 in the Earthquest/DinosaurLand zone, it might hang on another 30 years before being overrun. Not sure where else you would put one that could host an NHRA national event, the nitromethane cars make jet engines sound tame. The track in Ennis is off Highway 287, not close to anything. Other national tracks are similarly located away from most everything else, with the exception of Concord, NC (outside Charlotte), where they love motorsports more than a quiet home and Pomona, CA that has persisted for a long time from the very first attempts at organization of drag racing as something other than an illegal backroad thing. 2022 NHRA Schedule & Tickets | NHRA
  4. That's the development company name. Block 98 | HSR (highstreetresidential.com)
  5. I was going for a subtle emphasis on the density from the past decade or so. Pretty interesting perspective.
  6. Sunbathing with hammering noises for a period, replaced thereafter by some dude in a cubicle.
  7. Great shots. Once Skanska's projects top out, you have to get about a thousand shots from every corner of Disco Green. I was excited before, but even I am impressed at what a gem that park and area is turning into.
  8. Forgive the dirty lens pano shot, but the view from the new square here is going to be something the crowd around here will appreciate. Calpine has been there a while now, but for those that still have the "seedy as ever" view of downtown, the metamorphosis from this vantage is as stark as from the Market Square side...
  9. The Westin, Crane’s restaurants in 500 Crawford, and the ballpark itself all sell booze, I don’t think it would be an issue.
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