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  1. Prairie/San Jacinto has a lot of upside, mostly due to the downside of the mass of homeless that hang around/camp out in the area. Not sure what kind of property development/improvement is going to be doable right there, perhaps something else that does outreach, but that would bring yet more homeless folks to the area.
  2. Someone said it was going to be a brewery at one point. Either way, across the street from the "sobering center", I anticipate there will be some social media photo ops with the sign.
  3. If they could put a skybridge over to the Four Seasons from the Phase II building, that would do it via the Park Shops/Houston Center. If they did that and bridged to the Hilton, you could get from Bayou Place all the way to the GRB without ever stepping outside.
  4. Very interesting. Can't wait to see it all done. For a redevelopment of a CBD, the area around DG is really amazing.
  5. A "feature not a bug" if you market it right!. There were a couple of them running the bayou near downtown a while back. Sounded like hell from inside the buildings.
  6. Let's go for a little more regional flair and have some of these blasting up the bayou at all hours....
  7. You're more optimistic than this suburbanite. After seeing all of the designs, I am not convinced that any additional car traffic capacity will be enabled by the whole scheme. It may be needed for whatever reason, but I don't think it's actually going to improve anyone's commute, and if it does, I agree that it won't be better for long and on net, probably won't make up for time lost during construction based on status quo. The construction mess is going to be the worst of it for that neighborhood, I would imagine, apart from the actual buildings that are getting mowed down. At the end
  8. As would I.
  9. They're probably afraid ROWDY is going to stop by. It's visually interesting, they should be proud to have it all over the internet, I would think.
  10. Tall buildings are vanity projects. Austin has kind of cornered the market on vanity in Texas these days.
  11. They are actually open now. I stuck my head in and said hi just to look at the lobby. The lady working there said they have a bar and everything, should be a good add once people can go places again.
  12. I remember that locomotive being in Hermann park back in the day. I want to say that they let kids climb on it.
  13. Right, not practical, just thinking about the immediate neighborhood. I wasn't meaning to lock them up, just to use a facility that's designed to be difficult to trash as a place out of the weather. No easy answers.
  14. If we're doing a wish list, The Federal prison on Texas could convert into a hostel, though I'm not sure that would be net better for the neighborhood. Maybe take the doors off the cells and convert it to a homeless shelter to get folks off the street.
  15. It's going to look good. DG has a really neat "bowl" feel to it. Since Skanska has the lot on the corner shared by this and and OPP (not sure which # that is), perhaps that one would fill in sooner rather than later. and more or less completely encircle the park. Add more development down toward Root square and the new Camden apartment and you've got a heck of a neighborhood.
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