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  1. Right, not practical, just thinking about the immediate neighborhood. I wasn't meaning to lock them up, just to use a facility that's designed to be difficult to trash as a place out of the weather. No easy answers.
  2. If we're doing a wish list, The Federal prison on Texas could convert into a hostel, though I'm not sure that would be net better for the neighborhood. Maybe take the doors off the cells and convert it to a homeless shelter to get folks off the street.
  3. It's going to look good. DG has a really neat "bowl" feel to it. Since Skanska has the lot on the corner shared by this and and OPP (not sure which # that is), perhaps that one would fill in sooner rather than later. and more or less completely encircle the park. Add more development down toward Root square and the new Camden apartment and you've got a heck of a neighborhood.
  4. That would be prominent, especially from the park. I was thinking of the question about the back side and wondering how much would show from the south. However tall, someone's office is going to hear kids screaming on the ES pool deck all summer. I think the Aloft/811 Main block must have a similar dynamic, but it was more of a weekend party place, or at least that's my impression.
  5. How much higher will it be than the ES? In any case, seems ideal from a DG perspective, and the foot traffic in the park is still really good. Whatever goes in the lobby here has a very high visibility location, and the garage should do booming after hours business.
  6. I'm not picky, but driving down the street, the base seems unremarkable either way. Once the construction barriers are removed and the street level is finished out, I think it could be a decent looking place to walk around. The "International Tower" block/garage is now an ugly outlier in the neighborhood. Five years ago it would have been an upgrade.
  7. I'm sure they thought of it, but it kind of looks like an airfoil shape. Weird twisting loads in a heavy wind would be fun to engineer around.
  8. They just measure belovedness by how much someone is willing to pay for it. Maybe that particular red box is a head fake to get some alternate financing for the other three from a "save the RO Theatre" campaign, but jeez, to be a theater owner now, you're probably desperately trying to volunteer to be a vaccine distribution center. Not the best time for these guys to see value in keeping it around. I think a small cinema like this one would be a great addition to a walkable retail area with dense residential, a pretty nice amenity on it's own. The old structure/style of this one
  9. Any other rumblings here? Along with the Hess garage block residential, this project would round out Discovery Green's adjacent blocks, I think. .
  10. Yes, that one would be awesome too, even more so because demand would have justified it. As it is, I was thinking about alternative possibilities.
  11. Reminder of what the crown is supposed to look like with a rendered approximation of relative prominence...
  12. The new parking garage there across the street is really going to be stinking up the joint when these two towers are finished. Hopefully someone will see some value there and do something cool. I don't think the immediate area is hurting for office space, unfortunately, but put another residential tower right there and you could justify a nice grocery store on the ground floor.
  13. Occasionally I still miss the $3 Supreme Sandwich combo meal that rivaled a middle school cafeteria lunch, that half of the building (right side) had been empty for years. The awning/overhang had been used a camping spot for homeless people for a while now, but that's hardly an exclusive thing for DT that would warrant tearing it down altogether. It makes me think that perhaps they might have intentions to use it. Put in a temporary platform floor and a tent and call it outdoor dining flex space for the time being.
  14. Either that or they'll spend six months chipping all of these pilings out.
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