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  1. It could have searchlights panning across the walls at night and a big draw bridge!
  2. The Fed facility on Texas Ave/St is an odd place for a prison now that the area around it is no longer a heinous disgrace as it was when it was built. I like the "little Alcatraz" concept with the North Canal flood control plan, though I don't know if there would be room (or more importantly any political/administrative will) to move the Federal facility over there by the County folks, but it would be psychologically tidy to put all of the necessary but unfortunate places on a literal island apart from the increasingly desirable downtown. There's also the privately (I think) operated prison down by MMP, across Preston from the back end of the 500 Crawford apartments. It may have been vacated already. Not sure who owned the facility or land, but there's another block that could be unprisoned.
  3. Didn't realize this building was no longer used to house inmates. Wonder what they'll do with the block.
  4. It may be a bad guess, but it's just that, so wasn't a factual assertion at all. The current lot is small, and access right off Texas has to be a mess at peak game time, but many private garages make extra effort to get gameday parkers in, I don't think IWA/Annunciation's current situation would preclude having a plan for a garage that made them extra revenue without conflicting with the needs of the church/school.
  5. They also removed the scaffolding that was under the lily pad structure at the Milam/Texas corner. Don't know if I would want to use it to store the extend-o-pump and concrete forms, but it must be pretty stout.
  6. The perhaps apocryphal story in my family was that a cousin a few generations back had a choice as to where to build his home once he had some means and had considered what is now Southampton and River Oaks, but ultimately concluded that he would prefer living off Wayside. Sometimes you get priced out of your lovely neighborhood, sometimes other people get priced in. You never know how that market is going to bounce.
  7. I'm guessing they've done the math on what they can charge for parking during Astros home games, and it came out positive.
  8. I talked to the guy when I stopped in once, super friendly, hopefully the Lancaster deal works out for him. With construction on both sides of Prairie a block up and it not being really on a well travelled path, I'm not surprised it didn't make it. It had been vacant for years, and you could be forgiven if you didn't notice that it was occupied. It took months for the guy's sign to get approved because of some historic designation too. Once the two Hines towers are done, it could be a good spot, but I wouldn't expect anything in the meantime.
  9. I can't help but wonder if all of this might have been avoidable if we didn't care so much about football, but then, who wants to contemplate such an existence for too long. The political fiefdoms over higher education in this state are ridiculous, but with that much money flying around, who would expect anything else?
  10. If it wasn't a worker, then it was someone being crazy or stupid, no less of a tragedy, but if gravity didn't get them something else would have in short order.
  11. Reminds me of “Deer Park” brand bottled water sold in the northeast. Nothing wrong with “The Harwin”, unless you’re in Houston.
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