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  1. Wow, I hope that diagram is accurate cuz we desperately need another car wash west of 288! Thanks for sharing the link.
  2. I asked about that construction and the sign seems to be misleading. The city told me they are grading to begin building an apartment complex there. This site was grandfathered in for apartments many years ago. What signs are you seeing that this has started? I see nothing but stakes in the ground.
  3. My friend in city planning told me this is going to be a multi-tenant office building, but 1/2 of it is already leased to a dentist.
  4. The new Carl's Jr at the towncenter opened yesterday. Info here: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2011/07/19/carls-jr-launches-in-pearland-with.html
  5. So now, suddenly, the zoning change was unanimously approved, and HEB is coming. Does this surprise anyone? Not me. Details here: http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/pearland/news/article_1506a9c5-54ce-5682-b149-1589f4ca51d0.html
  6. It will be interesting to see what happens. Sherrouse replacing Saboe on the council will be the key. Will she flip on her previous position and vote to allow the PD change for the HEB? It seems unlikely, but who knows what is being discussed behind closed doors.
  7. I do see the point. But enforcing a PD just because that's the way it was zoned years ago for a different developer (who pulled out) simply doesn't make sense. It also doesn't make sense based on what is already built around that intersection. A PD can be changed, but for some reason the folks on the commission and on city council are refusing to do it. They can't give any reason other than 'it should be adhered to'. Perhaps they are playing a game of bluff with HEB, but that is pretty arrogant and stupid. At least council members Sherman and Thompson get it.. All decisions like this do is enforce the perception that Pearland is a difficult place in which to create businesses. We don't need that. The businesses will simply go elsewhere, and we say goodbye to jobs and tax revenue.
  8. You are giving me the stock political reasoning. I feel like I'm talking to Ms. Sherrouse herself. Fine. So you are calling that Lowe's a high-end development? Sorry, but I just don't see it. I do like Lowe's,but I don't see it being any different than a .99c store. They are both commerical pad sites. There is commerical development on all other corners of that intersection, so putting an HEB in there is not going to hurt one bit. Your analogy about the trash bins makes me wonder if you actually live in Pearland, because any Pearlander will tell you we are not allowed to use trash bins. Waste Management prohibits there use, per contract with the city. Yes, I know the P&Z Commission serves a purpose but in my opinion they are woefully out of touch with the residents' wishes (you know polls show most Pearlanders want the HEB there, right?)
  9. Your answer brings up a couple of points: 1. I agree that 518 has a smattering of mismatched, ugly, and empty strip centers. Where was Ms. Sherrouse and the Planning & Zoning Commission when all that was put before them? Asleep at the wheel? Sayiing they are inconsistent is putting it mildly. 2. If that corner was pristeen with no other commerical businesses near it, i could see your point. But the Lowe's right across the street sorta destroys the ambiance of putting something higher class in there. Think about it. 3. HEB has been good for the west end of town, and it could be for that corner too. They also seem to care about the community, based on the recent article in the Pearland Journal.
  10. Yes I have followed it. Close enough to see you are just repeating Ms. Sherrouse's rhetoric. Read Marksmu's reply. He is spot on. Pearland has a bad rep with developers, and this fiasco with HEB is a case in point. It's costing us tax revenue and jobs, and until citizens wake up and vote out the old-guard that still controls the city, things won't change.
  11. Yes, the Arby's closed down. Also, I think one or two of the wine-bars imbedded in the Towncenter itself have closed down. I agree the competition is fierce. I'm actually surprised we haven't seen more casualties.
  12. A Dairy Queen is being built between Popeye's and Burger King on Broadway just in front of the Pearland Towncenter. Ground has broken and I'd guesstimate it may open by late summer/early fall 2011.
  13. The grand opening event was last weekend. It was interesting and well-attended. More info at this article: http://www.yourhoustonnews.com/pearland/news/article_d2bfaa14-aa79-52c9-9f49-c3e701fc3dd8.html
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