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  1. I remember when this house was last for sale, circa 2007. I kind of think the two single garages are cool.
  2. Reviving the most recent dead thread about 1111 Studewood. I drive by there all the time at many different times of day and night, and I have seen absolutely NO evidence that anyone is living there, or that any retail has signed on. Pretty sure when the project started they were touting their condos starting in the "low 400's," the sign now says "starting in the $480's." I have always been very skeptical that there is a market for condos that expensive in this area, if they'd priced them in the $250-350K range I think they would have sold out by now. And I think there's a huge risk/stigma abou
  3. I miss Big Mamou already. Contrary to your thoughts, I always thought their location was a terrible problem. It seemed almost invisible driving past it, the bright lights and traffic of the gas station next door attracted your eyes. Even worse coming from the north. I loved their red beans and rice, jambalaya, and a few other items I tried, but started going less and less when their hours started fluctuating. Some of my friends I took there thought the prices were a bit high for what you got. But once they started altering the hours (breakfast/lunch only on some days, Thursday-Sunday lunch on
  4. A friend of mine is interested in this (the foreclosure) and we toured it Sunday with my real estate friend. It was clearly a showpiece in its day but has had LOTS of deferred maintenance. Obviously some foundation problems and a mysterious concrete patch in the kitchen area that indicates something, possibly plumbing work, was done. He actually likes the yard but it's very overgrown right now. He also likes all of the original things about the house like the kitchen and bathrooms, but lots of cracks in the tile, etc. The terrazzo floors in the entry look to be in good shape, if I were restori
  5. I'm thinking the interior look and finishes completely match the exterior. Contemporary-modern/contemporary modern.
  6. I logged on to see the outrage that the store is opening today, and left disappointed. Walmart shoppers 1, Heights yuppies 0.
  7. I love the house but will be amazed if they can get that much for a two-bedroom in that area.
  8. The second cheaper one has been for sale on and off for years now. It's been flooded at least once and is probably in really dismal shape.
  9. Did some more reading up on the house today, there's lots of articles about it out there. Here's one from the NY Times after the restoration in 2004: A House That Rattled Texas Windows By WILLIAM MIDDLETON Published: June 03, 2004 WHEN John and Dominique de Menil built the first great Modernist house in Texas, in 1950, not everyone was thrilled. ''It was bewildering,'' said Anderson Todd, one of the few Modernist architects in Houston at the time. ''Most people in Houston knew nothing about Philip Johnson or Mies van der Rohe or Le Corbusier. This wasn't a house -- it was a dental office or a
  10. I think more access was lost each day due to weather. When a friend of mine went on Friday, she says you could walk all the way into the flower gardens at the rear of the property. On Saturday when I went, you could walk partly down the gravel path but it was ribboned off near the entrance to those gardens because of water standing in the path. The path was pretty wet already at 1:00 Saturday, so I guess it got completely blocked off by the time you got there. I am still very happy to have seen the house up close and would go back again when the opportunity arises.
  11. Can't believe this hasn't been posted here yet, but the Menil house on San Felipe is part of this years Azalea Trail Tour running through tomorrow (11am-5pm). You can go through just it for $5 or see all of the houses on a pass that I think costs $20. I had wanted to see the Menil House for years and it's rarely open to the public, only occasionally used for museum fundraising events. I went today and it was well worth the $5. You don't get to go through the whole house, but you get a sampling of the rooms and layout seeing the kitchen and a couple of living areas, docents explain the rest of
  12. Last year there was an incident in Dallas that got a lot of publicity. A jogger wearing headphones turned into the path of a cyclist on the White Rock Lake path, fell on her head, and died pretty much on the spot. I am sorry about what happened, but as both a runner and cyclist, I NEVER wear headphones when on a public road/path. Even the Memorial Park path which is only runners is still pretty risky to be in your own little world.
  13. Any update on this? You've got me intrigued, especially about costs. His website implies that it's much more reasonable to refurbish the windows instead of replacing them.
  14. I like Big Mamou. Prices are a bit to high side depending on what you order, but for my usual red beans and rice with salad, not too bad. My main gripe is inconsistency. Whether dining in or picking up to go, the "presentation" seems to vary. Their hours also seem to highly variable, I guess if they're not busy they close. I walked in one night at 8:05 and they had already closed the kitchen. Still, I hope they survive.
  15. I'd be shocked if they could get that much money for lot value. Although it's big and on an "exclusive" street, there's a bigger parcel in River Oaks for sale that also backs up to the bayou, and it's been lingering for a year at around $6M.
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