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  1. Michael Kors and Le Creuset ... my two weaknesses. All of the little disposable money I have will likely be funneled into those two stores. At least I'll have cute shoes and my cookware will match my kitchen perfectly (the new Caribbean color is exactly the same shade as my walls.) I'm thrilled! Oh ... and with Harry and David I'll have access to the Riviera pears without having to pay shipping. They go on sale dirt cheap in San Marcos sometimes (when they're absolutely perfect) ... I hope the same will happen here. Now I just have to fill out a vacation request to have March 27 off so I can be the first one in the doors at Michael Kors. scannergirl needs a new pair of wedges and a purse to match!
  2. I send at least one e-mail a month to Whole Foods and Central Market begging for one. Whole Foods did just open one in Sugar Land, so hopefully that will help our chances. I'm tired of having to drive all the way into town for some meat and produce that hasn't been handled like a hacky sack. As far as an "upscale" Wal-Mart, I join the chorus of voices shooting this idea down. The only Wal-Mart movement I'd like to see is it packing up and going away. I had a car emergency not too long ago and had to run in at close to midnight for an air filter. The men in there were creepy -- it looked like a sex offender's convention. I was literally running to the checkout and had 911 already dialed on my phone when I was in the parking lot. It's THAT bad.
  3. From Cy-Fair ISD's Web site: At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees on January 22, 2008, the Board of Trustees will vote on the proposed action to declare as surplus approximately 15 acres of land just south of Willbern Elementary at the northwest corner of Legacy Park Drive and Round Up Drive. Community members wishing to provide written input may mail comments to Planning and Research, Suite 711, 10300 Jones Road, Houston, Texas, 77065. Those wishing to provide oral input during the citizens' participation segment of the board meeting may sign up between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. on January 22 at the Instructional Support Center, 10300 Jones Road. http://www.cfisd.net/aboutour/board/POSTING/2007/surplus.htm So I'm guessing they're going to sell the one patch of trees left in this area to Caldwell so they can put up some other commercial building that no one will rent.
  4. 100% sure it said '07. I checked three or four other cans and they ALL said Jun 30 07.
  5. I checked the place out yesterday (Saturday.) The parking lot was a madhouse, the aisles were nearly impossible to navigate. Why do some parents feel that it OK to allow each one of their children to push a cart and not pay attention to them at all -- especially when a store is as busy as this one was? I ended up getting in a short fight with one "father" who claimed I shouldn't have been there because his kids had the right to block aisles and run around unattended while he sampled soda. The family had two shopping carts with virtually nothing in them...the cart was just being used as a toy. Geez! Anyhoo, I noticed something that I found quite disturbing. They opened on Oct. 24, correct? Why do they have food that expired in June? I was about to purchase a can of mandarin oranges, but am thankful I checked the date. I find it odd that they have food that expired months before they opened. I'll go back, but I'm checking the dates on every item because management obviously cannot be trusted to be sure that their products are fresh!
  6. Angela Kocherga is Belo's Mexico City-based reporter. She primarily reports for all four Belo stations in Texas and occassionally does some things for all of Belo's stations. She's also sort of the Texas on-call reporter for major events like hurricanes...she was here to help out during the Super Bowl, too.
  7. Hello everyone,"Weekend Today" has named Houston as a top travel destination for this fall! NBC News Anchor Lester Holt was in town the past few days gathering video for the story that wil air this Sunday. He was on Channel 2's morning show today to promote the story. Here's the video from that: http://www.click2houston.com/video/14258102/detail.html What do you think makes Houston a top travel destination this fall?
  8. My worst fear has come true. Caldwell has broken ground on Remington Square. I've lived in the neighborhood behind this project for several years. It was a nice place to live, but Caldwell has come in and wrecked it. First, they built a giant warehouse thingy that likely won't even be filled. Now, Remington Square. A multi-building complex with a giant parking garage that's just feet from an elementary school and a stones-throw from two well-kept middle-class neighborhoods. There's no way they can fit all those buildings and a parking garage on that tract of land. Can anyone recommend a good real estate agent?
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