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  1. I wonder if this is permanent??? I hope not. If so this could be a big loss for Houston.
  2. A BART type system is what Houston needs. Maybe Austin should look at the MUNI.
  3. I don’t think any of the Austin system should be at grade. They should model theirs after light rail systems in LA or San Francisco’s BART. I guess you could look at San Francisco MUNI as well. It goes in the streets but is mostly grade separate in a subway.
  4. It’s nice to see another Texas city beside Dallas with leaders not thinking small (BRT) when it comes to transit. A subway is what Austin needs through the central city. Not BRT or street car light rails that constantly get into accidents. “We can go small and fail or we can make the right investment for the future of our city,” council member Jimmy Flannigan said. “We’re talking about rail in a tunnel. That’s a subway. I mean, wow. That’s what real cities do.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/austins-unveils-multi-billion-dollar-transit-plan-with-possi
  5. It's a nice building. But I'm curious, is this the first high rise built in a suburban shopping center? Does it look out of place, or is it an improvement for the area?
  6. Coming into the city from the Bryan-College Station area (29 to the west loop), it never fails, someone in my family or a friend that I'm riding with will always say "Wow look at downtown (referring to Uptown). It never fails. I would prefer them call it the Galleria instead of Downtown. I always point over to the East (direction of downtown) while its still visible from the freeway and tell them "That is downtown."
  7. Occidental Seals Deal With Anadarko After Chevron Drops Out https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2019-05-09/chevron-bows-out-of-fight-for-anadarko
  8. Houston needs to add a New Years Eve Celebration like it had in the past. I can remember the bands/performers in years past, the night art car show, the fireworks, the George R Brown light show and all the fun downtown. I also remember Gina Gaston and Tom Cook hosting and broadcasting from downtown for ABC13 with different reports throughout downtown reporting back all the fun. So who else agrees that Houston (the nations 4th largest city) needs to bring back a New Years Eve Celebration downtown. And it should have something uniquely Houston to drop for the countdown. So come on Mayor Sylveste
  9. Did this thing ever happen? If not what is the holdup?
  10. ATLANTA NOW: BIG CITY ATLANTA, the un-abashed southern center of “big-city-ism” has reached it’s oh-so-transparent target. Since the 1960’s, and even many decades before, Atlanta has professed its plan to grow beyond being the capital of the south, as America’s next international city– and global city. https://wdanielanderson.wordpress.com/2017/03/31/atlanta-now-big-city/
  11. Here we are 3 years later. Was this ever rebuilt? What does the site look like now? Will there ever build it if they haven't already?
  12. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/car-centric-texas-cities-reap-economic-boon-light-rail/
  13. This is great news! Although the same company is building a development in Atlanta called High Street that this twice the size of Regent Square it's still great news.
  14. There is a new show on NBC called Game of Silence that is set in Houston but filmed in Atlanta. Game of Silence
  15. Are there any plans to update or clean up the exterior of the towers connected to the Galleria? They look really dated and bad. maybe something like the down town Mickey Leland Federal building redo.
  16. How far is Midtown Dallas from the Downtown/Uptown area? Does DART rail come to the Midtown area? If not are there future plans? I could see a subway working here.
  17. Do you guys think there will be a Skyhouse 4? Where do you think it ill be located? I say Memorial City or maybe The Woodlands.
  18. I was hoping thst this development would be similar to the Atlantic Station development in Atlanta.
  19. Has or will the name of the airport change to Hobby International Airport?
  20. The River Oaks District area is becoming to Uptown/Galleria what Midtown is to Downtown. Will this Skyhouse have retail on the bottom floor of the building and or garage? I think I asked that before.
  21. That is the wrong type of sidewalk for the type of development pictured.
  22. All of this new development and Target still hasn't made any announcement about moving the hell out of the way. AWKWARD!
  23. Let me get this right. Will this building be torn down for the new Pearl Whole Foods development? If so why waste such nice art on that building?
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