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  1. Found this with a google search. It mentions Houston and Atlanta. https://shopcompanies.com/tenants/ford-fry-little-rey
  2. Well how do you explain Atlanta getting MARTA heavy rail transit in the 1970s? Houston had several chances for the same type of rail, but it’s careless leaders of the past chose to spend money on other things.
  3. They should look in to Elon Musk’s Tunnel Boring Company. Also like mentioned above commuter rail BART style would be preferable.
  4. Houston Comedian Mo Amer announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he just finished shooting his sitcom in Houston. The first sitcom to ever be shot in Houston and the crowd including Kimmel seemed to be shocked that it’s the first. I’m surprised more television shows aren’t filmed in Houston or Texas in general. I know Dallas and Austin get shows like this on a regular. Houston has seen more reality shows lately. Maybe there will be more to come. The sitcom will be called “Mo” he said and I believe it will be released on Netflix. He also has a new standup comedy special releasing on Netflix call Mohammed in Texas.
  5. $400 billion ‘city of the future’ might land in the Lone Star State https://austin.culturemap.com/news/innovation/09-07-21-400-billion-city-of-the-future-might-land-in-the-lone-star-state/ Hopefully these extreme crazy conservatives don’t run them off.
  6. I hate BRT in cities like Houston. I feel like a metro area of 7+ million people should strive for something more significant. If they are going to settle for BRT, at least make it like these newer ones in China. They look just like light rail but with no tracks. METRO should replace the uptown line with these also.
  7. The problem with that is the proposal also calls for San Antonio and Austin to get their own resorts. I’m guessing these results will mostly be regional attractions. Austin and San Antonio could build a mega resort together around San Marcos.
  8. I think the Memorial City area could be a great location. Galveston would also be a great location. what do you guys think?
  9. I like trains in urban environments as well, just not country a** Union Pacific trains. I like subway trains. Lol
  10. All these years later, I wonder if opinions have changed on this topic with all of the development that has happened in the area. I was just in the area admiring all of the new developments then I looked over and see a a train stretching across Westheimer. That really ruined the vibe, I don’t care what anyone says, the train needs to go. The 4th largest city in America deserves better then to have a small town train crossing that goes through one of its premier streets in one of its premier areas. Just my opinion. Don’t hate me for speaking the truth. Come on Houston! Fix this!
  11. I wonder if this is permanent??? I hope not. If so this could be a big loss for Houston.
  12. A BART type system is what Houston needs. Maybe Austin should look at the MUNI.
  13. I don’t think any of the Austin system should be at grade. They should model theirs after light rail systems in LA or San Francisco’s BART. I guess you could look at San Francisco MUNI as well. It goes in the streets but is mostly grade separate in a subway.
  14. It’s nice to see another Texas city beside Dallas with leaders not thinking small (BRT) when it comes to transit. A subway is what Austin needs through the central city. Not BRT or street car light rails that constantly get into accidents. “We can go small and fail or we can make the right investment for the future of our city,” council member Jimmy Flannigan said. “We’re talking about rail in a tunnel. That’s a subway. I mean, wow. That’s what real cities do.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/austins-unveils-multi-billion-dollar-transit-plan-with-possible-light-rail-expansion-downtown-subway/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/texasmonitor.org/austin-leaders-want-a-big-transit-plan-opponents-see-big-problems/amp/
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