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Interests include modern architecture, rock, classical, and jazz music, modern art (and Caravaggio), baseball, football, photography, Houston history, fish ponds and bamboo among other things...

My main goals for 2008 are to continue documenting Houston's Mid-Century Modern Homes, and to rock out on my bass in my band, Alkari. I would really like to get a new camera, like a Canon 40D and take better pictures for Houston Mod as well as taking pictures of indie bands. My house takes most of my money. My wife and I bought and restored a 1955 house in 2005, but there's always room for improvement with it. We're hoping to install a fish pond with a waterfall in the backyard, but as long as things like air-conditioning breaking keep happening, we'll have to put that off...

If you'd like to meet me, come to a Mod of the Month, hosted by Houston Mod. I attend most of them.

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