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  1. I don't know which shows? It is on Technology Drive, off Research and it's huge! There are several extremely large satellite dishes on one side of the building as well. It's not showing on Google Maps satellite yet, but it is south of Research.
  2. We fell in love with Life Form homes from afar. We were in Mass. looking at homes in The Woodlands and decided we had to have a Life Forms, nothing else would do. Ours was built 92 and we've been here 2.5 years. ( Pictures from when we came to do the home inspection before moving into the home ) http://timestocome.com/wordpress2/2005/04/...ys-to-move-out/ I love it. The quality is fine, it seems no better or worse than other homes I've seen around here. The size is comfortable for us. Coming from a 100 year old Victorian deep in the city in New England it was wonderful to move to a home with 2 story rooms and lots of windows. The Victorian was such a dark home. And though I loved the Victorian, I was ready for an open floor plan. All those charming nooks and crannies make for a dark home.
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