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  1. Huh, i figured those were the types they had to kick out in the first place to make way for the redo.
  2. My guess is that they thought the residents might like to have windows.
  3. Hmmm, well, you did make me google TMTA but i don't think you mean the Texas Music Teachers Association.
  4. Yup, that address appears to be correct. Thanks.
  5. I don't really have much info right now, but i found this to be too interesting not to share. My wife was visiting a ballet school off 1093 before you get to Fulshear (there's a Chinese place in the shopping center, as well) and noticed a storefront being built out. According to the sign, it's for a place selling growlers. She wasn't able to tell if there's more to it like a restaurant or bar component, or if it's just for take-out. This would certainly be a nice addition to the area vs the usual retail garbage that's opening up.
  6. According to a poster @city-forums who helped open the Woodlands and Voss TJ stores, the next store will be in Cinco. No work on when or where, though. http://www.city-data.com/forum/houston/1497497-moving-houston-open-trader-joes-need-8.html
  7. I walked by the World of Beer location yesterday, and it looks really nice. A long bar with a lot of windows that can be opened to the outside. Large patio out front. Grimaldi's looks ready to open .... think they may have been having a soft opening or some event. I wish I could be more excited about D'Amicos ... I've been to both locations and am always underwhelmed. But i'll go to a middling local chain rather than something like Olive Garden any day. Speaking of local chains, a Pronto or Cafe Express would be nice.
  8. I recently used A Better Tripp. Found them on Angie's List and they had 100+ positive reviews. We don't have a new house yet and were just moving our stuff in to storage. The people at the storage facility told me that they were really impressed and took their info in case any of their customers needed recommendations. They have their own storage facility but the rep I worked with said that I could save money compared to their rates just using a local storage and went through the effort to find one for me. They certainly didn't have to do that...
  9. Don't skimp on the pot for your lemon tree. I have a Lisbon lemon tree in a large pot -- it does well, but i can tell it would prefer to be in the ground. It took a couple years before it produced anything, and it's still not much. But i guess your mileage might vary.
  10. "Lot" as in a cleared lot? If so, I wouldn't be surprised at the quick sale.
  11. Huh ... thanks for the link to those maps. I thought i was in the Heights South district and successfully used that as one my criteria to reduce my property taxes. But it looks like the east side of Oxford for my block isn't included. Shhh don't tell HCAD.
  12. Going out on a limb here, but i think Pleak was being cheeky.
  13. The area between Oxford and Studemont is much smaller than between Oxford and Harvard. And on the few streets I've walked (near Antidote), they also seem to be fairly built out already. Maybe there's an argument to be made about the cause and effect of the historic district on this area, but i don't think this is evidence of it.
  14. Be careful with your choice of evidence. You'll only see new construction at 529 Oxford if the builder's variance request to tear down the historic garage apartment currently there is approved by the city and the Historic Committee.
  15. Looks like they opened over the weekend.
  16. Of course, for those of you who missed this "PSA" when it came out, it should help make it clear why the Alamo Drafthouse is the superior choice: (FYI, contains some foul language)
  17. I think the postcard i got said June 1. That may have been for member previews, though, but it should certainly be in the upcoming weeks.
  18. I might be moving later this year (staying in the Houston area). Has anyone recently sold a home in the area, or if you happen to be "in the know", and can comment on what kind of commissions they had to pay out? Also since i plan to purchase the next home in the Houston-area, I would consider using the same company to buy and sell. I understand this would give me some leverage to negotiate on the commission.... or is that wishful thinking? Any related tips are appreciated. Thanks.
  19. FYI, 30% off now and nothing i would really call premium if you were looking for some good discounts on that sort of thing.
  20. Wei, I'm not sure if i ever saw your budget posted here, but have you thought of a prefab house? Pick up any old copy (or the new one) of Dwell magazine and there are plenty of articles and ads for prefab houses. Don't confuse prefab with cheap here (might be $200sq/ft or so), but you get a modern house and, I assume, don't have to contend with contractors ripping you off since you are essentially buying the whole package that just needs to be assembled onsite. Now, i could be naive about this latter point, but it might be worth looking in to if you can afford it.
  21. Heights Sport Lounge was the place across White Oak from Beer Island and next to gas station? Last I heard (and it has been a little while) was that Roeder's was opening a new location there.
  22. FYI, I believe there was a show at Fitz last night, which would explain the amount of cars for a Tuesday night.
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