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  1. oops take off 10 points for spelling. Ya thats what I like about remodel work. Each client is different and so are the houses. This is what I added to the front. ">
  2. Here are a few before and after pics of projects I've designed in the last year. As a new member I would like the groups imput. Let me know what you think. The Tomball Project Old Front Elevation "> Old Rear Elevation "> New Front Elevation "> New Street Elevation "> New Rear Elevation "> The Champions Project Front Elevation Before "> Side Elevation Before "> Front Elevation After "> Left Side Elevation After "> Keep in mind the client drove the design on the second one and had started remodeling the existing house before I became involved.
  3. I'm with gwilson on this. I'm a designer and I have to constantly convince clients to change thier floor plans to try and save 100+ year old trees on thier lots. They don't understand that trees are what drives home values up. If you just want big there's plenty of cow pasture lots around.
  4. Speaking as a designer who has worked in the greater Houston area for 12 years one of the first things you need to do join a group like A.I.B.D. and work through them to get your profesional certifacation. Some subdivisions like the Woodlands require you to have prof. seal to design there. This will improve your chances of more work as a desiner.
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