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    I am a native Houstonian, and I am fascinated by the way this city changes and has changed. I have considerable interest in Houston's early development, and have a keen memory of the way things looked when I was a child, so everywhere I go, I am seeing "ghosts" of buildings, streets, and events superimposed upon what we see today. It is a vibrant city, but in many ways we are uncomfortable with the dimensions and pace of its growth.<br /> I teach fifth-grade history, am married, raising three sons.

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  1. I do remember both of these, right by Windsor Plaza, at Richmond and 610. Thanks for jogging my memory.
  2. Does anyone remember the two restaurants (see topic description above)? Also, now that I think about it, the Safari @ Richmond and Loop 610 is another... Pier 21 was on Fannin, just down from the bayou (I think), and The Polynesian was on the northeast corner of Sage and Westheimer... and Wyatt's Cafeteria in Highland Village... and the drive-in (like a Sonic) that was just across the tracks from Highland Village, the north side of Westheimer (west side of tracks) that had orange striped awnings? (I'll be surprised if anyone remembers this one). Folks, one of the reasons I'm interested is that sometimes I feel that there are very few Native Houstonians left. When I went to the Will Rogers Elementary reunion in March 2006, I knew not one person, although I went there for six years (1962-1968). Thanks for responding to the restaurant question above. It's really great interfacing with people on sites like this.
  3. These apartments were there when I was in kindergarten at The Oaks School across the street, 1961, in a big old house with a circular drive in the front. I can hardly believe they survived this long.
  4. I read in a book on Houston history about an excellent restaurant called Ye Olde College Inn. What was the location? I believe that it was in business from the 1920s through the 1950s. Also, does anyone miss Valian's (across from the Shamrock Hilton) and Bud Bigelow's on Westheimer?
  5. What was the name of the drive-in theatre that was located generally where the Williams Tower water wall is now (Galleria)? From my house in Afton Oaks, in the late 1950's-early 1960's, we could see the screen. Is anyone old enough to have gone there? Thanks.
  6. Does anyone re member when the POS opened and closed (years)? They were located @ the SEC of today's 610 and 59, just north of Bellaire. When they were demolished, I retrieved a metal post from a railing surrounding the horse ring. Also, in the late 1970's, Ranch 74 Beef had an outlet there (the stables were already gone). Thanks for responding!
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