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  1. These are two recent pics of the building from I10: Not a good angle but it gives you an idea about the size.
  2. Good place to raise a family if you are going to work inside the loop (downtown, galleria, and Medical Center), especially if you work at the Texas Medical Center. Downtown might be a bit far. Your life blood into Houston will be a toll road like someone else mentioned, but there isn't too much traffic on it. If you don't work in central Houston then don't bother. I would say it is a rather isolated master planned community in terms of distance from Houston.
  3. My pics were larger than 1 MB but thanks TexasVines I figured it out I believe. Here are some pics of the aloft hotel: Here are some pics of Sage St. west of the Galleria: St. George's Place on Hidalgo St.: New apartment complexes along San Felipe at Fountainview and Winrock: Random shots:
  4. I took some pictures of the hotel plus some of the area west of the galleria but I am not sure how to upload them. I have a flickr account if that helps.
  5. Well I took pictures of the current state of the aloft hotel and it looks like 4 or 5 stories of hotel on top of 4 stories of parking currently. It will definitely be much taller than the rendering on the sign in post 26. I also took some pictures of the surrounding area west and sw of the Galleria. It has changed much over the past few years. Hopefully when I get back to San Marcos I can put them on my comp and upload them.
  6. I did mean Yorktown. Thanks for finding the thread for it.
  7. I couldn't find a thread about this, which is pretty surprising considering this building is already at least 10 stores tall and was rather large. Unfortunately, I couldn't see what the building was called but it said "Mixed Use". I was driving west down Westheimer and noticed it. It was before York St. Maybe someone can shed some more light on this. I will be back in the area after Christmas and I'll bring my camera.
  8. Is there a large Islamic community in this part of Houston? Just curious to why this location was chosen.
  9. A little bit steep... but I doubt that will last for too long.
  10. It costs money to monitor the HOT/HOV so it may not make sense financial during times when most people wouldn't want to pay a toll. However, I think they should keep it open at least for HOV riders at all times, to promote less single occupancy commutes.
  11. The original rendering (from page 1 near the bottom) looks pretty good for an Embassy Suites. Hopefully we get something along the lines of that rendering, I especially like how the roof isn't flat and it isn't completely a box.
  12. Is the bowling alley even up yet? What is it, Lucky Stripe?
  13. Man I thought Discovery Green view would be a lot more impressive. I like the view but Discovery Green still looks "bare". I bet 5 years will be enough time for those younger trees to start making a noticeable difference. As always, GRB makes its presence felt. I would definitely want the city side view.
  14. In the updated rendering is that, what looks like a tall condo tower, real or just a filler?
  15. I honestly don't know about prices of the part of West Houston but I would say the prices on the east side of the BW would be higher. You might want to look into the Ashford areas which are basically between Briar Forest and Westheimer to the north and the south and Eldridge/Diary Ashford and Kirkwood to the west and east. I went to high school in that area (Westside Hiogh School in HISD) and had many friends that lived in the Ashford neighborhoods. Older homes in established neighborhoods with big mature trees. Not sure about the price, but I would say in the mid to high 200K. Memorial is in
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