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  1. This may be a little late response but yes, I remember U Totems, thought not from as far back as 40 years ago. I remember them from 20 or so years ago. Matter a fact I remeber one outside the neighborhood I grew up in at Sage and San Felipe. They were a chain of convience stores that died out when Circle K came into being. But I remember taking many trips to the U Totem...
  2. Dang... I think I barely remember the Oil Ranch. Think I went there on a field trip as a kid if it is the same place I am thinking of... just can't remember much about it. If I remember correctly it had a lake and during the summer water activities...
  3. Does anyone remember Moutian Park? I think that was the name. It was off westpark where 59 and 610 meet....
  4. Mr Vaughan was a good friend of my family growing up, probably because he and my grandfather kept an A&M and LSU debate going since both played football for their college. He really had a way of dealing with people and still being a business man. Every car we ever bought came from there until my grandfather bought a Lincoln Town Car in 94. Mr Vaughan gave me one of my first jobs when I was in High School and he told me he rarely advertised because he believed if people wanted to come, the didn't need to be coaxed and he liked having a group of return customers he could forge a relationship with rather than sell you a car and never see you again. Earlier this year I went to Houston to see my family and went by Tommie Vaughan Ford because I was looking at buying a truck. Well Mr. Vaughan made an appearance with his nurse and it broke my heart to see this previously strong, loving, caring, personalble man sitting there weak and frail not recognizing me or my mom and feeling the weakness in his handshake. After my mom called and told me he had passed I am glad I had that one last chance to shake his hand. I know this has nothing to do with your post, but I guess I felt like I had to say it. Tommie Vaughan Ford will never be the same. His son in law now runs it, and I have nothing to say negative, but I feel I must say it is run purely as a business now, not as a relationship when Mr vaughan was... God Bless Him and his family...
  5. Kaphans.... man that brings back some memories. I remeber eatting there too. Remember eatting there a couple of time with my grandparents and mom before my grandfather and I went to an Astros game (back when they wore the orange striped uniforms). Seemed the place to go for special occasions. I think the last time I ate there was on mother's day when I was 12 or 13... Anyone remember the Confederate House or is it even still open? What about the Circus (I think that was the name) on Westimer in behind Mama's Cafe where Papadeaux is now?
  6. I grew up around the Galleria area, and I am 30 so my memories aren't ancient either, but I remember a feild I played soccer on surrounded by some big old oak trees at Sage and San Felipe next to St Michaels Church. Across San Felipe was a U Totem store and a billards store. And when Grady was only offices before it was reopened as a school. I remeber down on Woodway next to Saint Martins church there were woods that a friends and I built forts and would ride trail through the woods. Now all that area is town homes and parking lots. I also remember when Westimer and 6 was 'way out there' even 12 years ago. Houston has really grown since I moved and it is really weird taking my son back home with me and seeing how much things have changed. One thing that seems to have stayed the same and will nevr change... The roads and freeways of Houston will never be 'finished'...
  7. Talking about a flashback... As soon as I saw something about old Houston amusement parks I thought about Pepermint Park. I vaguley remember going to a few birthday parties there as a kid...
  8. 1) Even though my beliefs align more conservative you are right... Freedom of speach is great and means that protecting others freedoms means you may not agree with what they say. Of course as long as they aren't harming others in the process. Okay, the brief political commentary out of the way, Where are the Tremont Towers? I have lived away from Houston for 10 years now and have only returned to visit friends and family.
  9. No probelm... I can wait and appreciate it
  10. Does anyone know of any other haunted spots in Houston that may not be as advertised as JDH, Spaghetti Warehouse et al?
  11. I have lived in Alabama for 10 years but was born and raised in Houston. In 18 years I never really knew about JDH so I never got a chance to explore the structure, both for the haunted aspect and the pure beauty of the building. I want to see the progress on the lofts when I come into town in a couple weeks. I think preserving JDH is great. Just wondering if it is as haunted as it is suppose to be, what the tenate turn over rate will be...
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