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  1. http://www.us.airliquide.com/en/air-liquide-to-relocate-american-corporate-headquarters.html Air Liquide to relocate American corporate headquarters to Memorial City in Houston01/30/2014 Air Liquide today announced plans to move its American corporate headquarters from the Houston Galleria area to the Air Liquide Center in Memorial City in Houston, scheduled to break ground this month.Houston is zone headquarters for Air Liquide’s U.S. and American operations and one of three global hubs for Air Liquide Group. The move will provide Air Liquide with expanded space and a world-class work envi
  2. This is the rendering that gone-up where Bally's used to be.
  3. MetroNational has immediate plans to tear down this 2-story 12-year-old former Bally Fitness Shopping Center on a 3.44-acre site facing the I-10 feeder at the northeast corner of the Memorial City Mall — and replace it with some sort of new office tower, Real Estate Bisnow‘s Catie Dixon reports. The health club (along with all 9 other Houston Bally’s locations) was taken over by Blast Fitness last year — and shut down entirely this spring. As of the end of last week, all remaining tenants in the building at 9801 Katy Fwy. have closed up shop as well. MetroNational (as usual) wouldn’t comment o
  4. So they replaced the blue lights down the center blue column so that they can now change color to match the crown during holidays. It always dro=ve me crazy that the largest length of liights was unable to change, I'm very happy they did this. On a side note, they have a trailer up on the opposite side of the freeway. Apprently they plan on buiding there very soon.
  5. Wrong. They did move people downtown, my colleague's wife was moved downtown temporarily with many of her co-workers. DO you even know anyone at BHP? Because I do.
  6. That woudl be a huge plus for everyone in this neighborhood. Fingers crossed.
  7. Never thought I would say this, but LTAWACS has a point. I see new street lights going up at Hammerly, I'm not complaining, but that isn't what folks in favor of the tax were voting for. On the very bright side, I see bright orange spray paint all over Spring Shadows streets, could better drainage actually be on the way?! That would be a dream come true for the folks in that neighborhood.
  8. So about the zombie thing, if sitting outside on a sunny Sunday morning watching my little girl play with kids she just met, while my wife and I eat organic egg sandwichs, drink draft beer and finish with frozen yogut, makes us a zombies. So be it. I don't care if a 125lb, beared, hipster, wearing flanel shirts in mid July, thinks I've sold out. Interestingly enough, many of the Europeans I've toured around town with love City Center, but maybe Europeans don't get the beauty of one story fake stucco strip malls and WalMart.
  9. I learned to ignore LTAWACS a long time ago on anything relating to Spring Branch. For some strange reason he/she appears threatened by every development in this area. Seriosly, scan the posts in the 35 Story Memorial Herman thread, it's pretty crazy. It's like they 4000+ posts of trolling. What a sad exisitance.
  10. Sheikh Zayed Road is a freeway lined with Office Buildings and it's pretty badass. I've spent alot of time there.
  11. I agree. The good news is that they are getting demoed. Not as fast as I would like, but it's happening. Also, MetroNational owns several, so it's only a matter of time before those get removed or upgraded. I remeber the heights looked simililar in areas about 10 years ago. But I agree. The apartments are the problem, really the only problem at this point for me.
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