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  1. Does this house still exist? If so where is it? Angleton is a little broad for me.......
  2. Ah, those bring back memories......of signs I have found around Houston.
  3. Here are some of mine: 1. Days Inn on College Avenue, South Houston. 2. A poorly stiched panorama of one of the marinas along NASA rd 1. 3. Another marina shot... 4. On to the Kemah Boardwalk. No Starbucks available here.... And on to the Landry's......
  4. Excellent reading....I always wondered at that headstone. Thanks for finding it! It's amazing how different the style of reading was different.
  5. Next up is the Olivewood Cemetery located behind Grocer's supply in the Heights. It's supposedly one of Houston's oldest black cemeteries and it does have some old stuff in it. It seems it was overgrown for years and only recently was pruned up a bit. There are some really neat headstones out there. There is a lot of extraneous light out here from the Grocer's supply that backs up to the cemetery. This next one used three different colors of light to get the effect here. The next one had these really cool lions on either side of the angel that made this whole section stand out. I used a yellow light for the colored effect. and finally this one, I especially liked the finger pointing to the sky. It seems like back then, tombstones were much more expressive with sayings, bible quotes, and other really interesting comments. Moving on to more silly stuff. I had heard about all these crazy signs that the tv news was talking about so I swung by and snapped a couple of pictures. The post is over here if you are interested in reading about it. As far as this one, someone is going to have to explain to me the whole "Day-time" and "night-time" different building reasoning to me. Alright enough bandwidth draining for now.... MP
  6. Not really, they are all (and many more) on flickr.....HERE!
  7. Yea, everything out there is wasting away under the weather.....it really is pretty well run down. It's just at night everything looks a little better than in the daylight.
  8. Olivewood Cemetery is pretty old as well I saw some stuff in there that dates from the 1860's. It has only been recently cleaned up a bit. It is located behind Grocer's Supply on Studemont. It's got some really neat stuff in it.
  9. I just posted some over here on this thread if you want to see a railroad drawbridge just to the northeast of that one right under 59. My post is about halfway down. Rail Bridge MP
  10. Of course just to the east of all this there is another railbridge that is under 59 and is actually a drawbridge that HAS been turned into a pedestrian walkway (well it has grating on it). It seems that homeless people live inside the metal box works though. The round pillar is approximately 40' wide to give you an idea of the scale of this bridge. You either get to it from 1919 Runnels (if you are truly daring) or you get to it from the north side walkway under 59. It really is a nice piece of architecture. You can also get to it from the park across the street that benigann is talking about.... I think the last picture is some type of massive concrete counterweight for the drawbridge but for the life of me I cannot see how they were connected. Now if someone just knows what this dock down the bayou from the drawbridge was used for? To get to it, you have to go down these stairs. I was surprised though, they are all railroad ties and telephone poles. Very sturdy, but some of the deck was gone. I think perhaps the whole thing was used for barges or something like that especially with the pipe outlet down there. Anyone know? MP
  11. I am not sure exactly where the one you are talking about is, but could it be here: Just to the south of the intersection of Honeywell and Summerbell there is an old cemetery near the bayou. It is still there and only has a few headstones in it. On the bird's eye view of the link, it is the triangle shaped piece of property next to the bayou. See it
  12. And here are some more.....these are all available light photographs with some or a lot of flashlight depending on how much other light was out there. This is the bridge to nowhere at the end of Park Place and Old Galveston Road. Of course, the place I always went to as a kid and now it's just wasting away, is a Malibu Grand Prix / Castle Golf that is at Loop 610 and Old Katy Road. A lone bumper boat..... I still think this is one of my favorite buildings in all of Houston. If only it wasn't at 4819 Harrisburg and falling apart..... Then there is the Jacintoport Ordnance Depot from WWII. This was one of the neatest finds I found here on HAIF. It is found just off the road on Appelt and JacintoPort BLVD in east Houston. Some are even open and mostly graffiti free. These are right off the road. Thats all for this post. Thanks again for the comments! I have found that you just have to get out there and try it. It is the only way you get any better. Once I learned how to work manual mode on my Canon it's just a matter of leaving the shutter open longer to get the night pictures.
  13. Hehe, nope most of them are by a big flashlight.
  14. I have been reading/lurking in this forum for a couple of months now and have lost many hours here! > I found a ton of interesting places to go and look at that I never knew existed. I have been going out (when my work permits it) at night and snapping some photos of many of these places. With my particular job, I have the ability to go places that many cannot. My focus is mainly on night time pictures, since that's when most of my spare time occurs. I plan on adding to this thread as time permits so that more places can be seen. First off is the Flower Man at 2305 Francis. Next, we have the Hillendahl Cemetery at 8325 Long Point in the parking lot of a Firestone! And then there is the old Preston tunnel for the electric railroad. It has been backfilled. Ok, one more for the day.....the recently opened Houston Airport terminal out by Hobby Airport. I hope you all like the night shots, they are a little different perspective than many are used to. I will post some more as time permits. MP
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