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  1. Open carry is gauche, even most concealed carry people think so, that's why most of them (except Howard Huge) say they're not going to do it, even if they want the right to. Edited to correct that Howard Huge does not consider going heels to be gauche.
  2. Howard Huge, only one person gets to decide where I choose to spend my money: Me.
  3. Harris County and HPD officials say they can require the person to ID, so ymmv with advice from pro-gun sites.
  4. Well, there was the concealed carry holder in Kingwood whose gun fell out of his jacket pocket and shot a woman at a restaurant a few years ago.
  5. kylejack


    A Sponsored Post Swamplot is better than going without Swamplot at all.
  6. Open carry seems to attract a more activist type of gun owner who wants to cause a scene, not protect himself. I don't even see how it makes tactical sense. If a guy rushes in robbing the convenience store, I wouldn't want him knowing that I'm armed until I choose to reveal it.
  7. Here's my list of which restaurants and grocery stores will and won't allow it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h9sHI_HXr9AAKTkYXTi7BOLSeEKE4qieyaDyY3Jx5dw/edit?usp=sharing
  8. There's a lot of conflicting information in reports I've read. This article says the Pillot building is oldest, so I'm not really sure. https://www.bisnow.com/archives/newsletter/houston/houstons-oldest-buildings
  9. It is the oldest commercial building in Houston, older even than La Carafe.
  10. 907 was Kitchen Incubator. 909 was Hong Kong Diner.
  11. I got an answer about Salvation Army charging: For those men experiencing homelessness and looking for a place to eat, shower and sleep, our emergency shelter called Red Shield Lodge at the Harbor Light Center is open to receive them. During their stay a the emergency shelter, men have the opportunity to meet with case managers and are encouraged to transition to the Harbor Light program where they will work on the underlying issue that causes their homelessness. Men who choose to stay at the Red Shield Lodge longer than two weeks without entering Harbor Light's rehabilitation program are charged a nominal fee. The purpose of the fee is not to generate revenue, rather it is intended to be an incentive toward rehabilitation and stabilization. Men who participate in the Harbor Light Center rehabilitation program are not charged a fee to participate.
  12. That sounds believable. Many of the shelters have a small fee. Still, I think donating the money directly to charities is safer than giving it to someone on the street who is battling a substance abuse problem.
  13. Margaritas still not ideal, but they have a build your own margarita checklist now. You can check off your tequila preference, lime juice, orange juice, agave nectar, etc. You can end up with a fairly good margarita.
  14. As long as there is at least one person at the table with a Montrose zip code on their license, the whole table gets the discount. And paying half price for a pound of fajitas is a crazy good deal.
  15. Nevertheless, it's true that as Mayor he fought to keep a convicted child molester as the fire chief.
  16. El Real fixed a lot of issues. I only go on half-price Montrose Monday though.
  17. If they got to a second thing, it probably would have been comprehensive immigration reform, which would have been another hugely time consuming thing.
  18. They only had enough time for one big thing, and that thing ended up being Obamacare.
  19. Per the Mayor, they had valid permits. The trees were in poor health and new trees will be planted. https://twitter.com/AnniseParker/status/672089325769588736
  20. Yeah, Cohen referred me to the tree hotline. Costello's staff says they have inquired with PWE.
  21. Went by and confirmed that they cut down at least 4 trees in the public right of way. I've sent pics to the Mayor and my City Council members.
  22. If you'll read my post again, you'll see I never mentioned homeless. Most panhandlers in Houston and elsewhere are not homeless. You, like others in this thread, are conflating panhandling with homelessness. Some panhandlers are homeless, but most are not, and it's more about substance abuse than homelessness.
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