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  1. I did. There's a big parking lot that was well-used, though.
  2. I went last night as well. The front side was the music hall and had a good band performing. The back side has a sizable bar that is fairly segregated from the front to where you can get away from the loud music if you want, along with a big patio and yard with tables and games, and another smaller stage. The backside overlooks the bayou. The tower is sort of in between the two major areas. Cool place.
  3. The four stated reasons are my personal reasons why I don't shop there. And yes, I have worked for Kroger, and the only raise I ever got was when the federal minimum wage was increased. #2 is still an issue for me because I have compassion for others and don't like to go to places that have bad conditions for workers.
  4. 1. Lobbied Governor Perry to veto a bill that would provide a state level option to address discriminatory pay practices. 2. Low pay, crappy benefits. 3. They're carpetbaggers from Ohio while HEB is a Texas company. 4. They allow open carry of handguns and long guns in their stores. You do bring up some other good points, though.
  5. As I just said, I don't single out Walmart. This thread is about Walmart. Start a thread about Kroger closing a store and I'll celebrate that, too.
  6. Do I strike you as an Olive Garden or McDonald's kind of person? Not my thing. I've been boycotting Kroger for a long time for at least 4 reasons, one of which includes that they pay their workers much lower than HEB.
  7. People have to buy stuff regardless. If they buy it somewhere other than Walmart, people will have better jobs, because it doesn't get much worse than a Walmart job. Walmart losing market share is good for workers.
  8. Even a parking garage would be preferable to a surface lot.
  9. With work this major, don't they still have to get a sign-off from a city inspector before opening, or no?
  10. They love to debate Twitter etiquette and best practices. Not so much do they want to discuss tearing down 100 year old buildings to build parking lots.
  11. That lucky winner is now one step closer to being able to afford a home in Southern California.
  12. This is so cool. Love the addition of trees, and they're doing a really great job with the restoration.
  13. Yes, Public Services is still operating. Seems to be getting more popular.
  14. Is it the same guys that previously operated Live?
  15. Wow, terrible beer on account of dirty lines, but they've been there since 1987.
  16. Yeah, something from the Salt N Pepper group that owns Moonshiners and Beer Market, etc.
  17. What's the new restaurant in Skyhouse? I saw people eating but no signage with a name.
  18. Right. We've had concealed carry for a long time. Open carry seems to attract a more activist type of gun owner who is trying to make a scene, not protect himself.
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