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  1. Looks like outdoor tables for a restaurant to me.
  2. I think I saw Series 7: The Contenders there. I saw a movie about Palestine that had some superhero elements to it, some Matrix-type cinematography and effects, can't recall the name. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, and also another Almodovar, I forget which. This is depressing. I saw Lars and the Real Girl already, so I think I'll see Before the Devil Knows You're Dead at 7. I wonder if they'd let me in with a video camera to snap some pictures before they're gone.
  3. Google Maps reports about the same drive time (14 min; Metro schedule is 17 minutes for that segment. You're reporting 16 minute travel time [scheduled time minus one minute]). Extra drive time is padded in to account for traffic and weather variances. The bus can't just cruise to its destination...it has to be at its stops when it says it will be at its stops.
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