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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambling_in_Texas#Indian_gaming
  2. Here's a map they put out of their parking lots for tonight's M83 show.
  3. That's a lifestyle choice. It's the same as these townhome builders that build driveways so short that the homeowner has no choice but to block the sidewalk when they park in their driveway. Buying a house with a tiny driveway doesn't give the person the right to block a public right of way. Similarly, choosing to buy a house with no garage doesn't give the homeowner the right to banish all cars from public property such as a street. If people want more parking dedicated to their sole use, they should build it on their own property.
  4. I think the noise ordinance is 10 for the entire city, though they may be using special event permits to extend it later. I live about two blocks away from Raven Tower and haven't had any noise problems yet from the Raven Tower concerts. We'll see how that changes when WOMH starts running shows. We have had people parking on our street for the bigger Raven Tower shows, but I view that as the acceptable price I pay for living in a vibrant city.
  5. If it's too loud, especially after 10, you can file a noise complaint.
  6. The potholes are getting fixed very fast. If you're aware of some that haven't been filled, please report them on 311. Downtown Management District spends their money on Downtown.
  7. In the case of our MUP bayou trails, they mostly avoid road crossings entirely.
  8. 82 Westheimer added early morning options and is now nearly 24 hour.
  9. They're building some hills and stuff.
  10. Personally, I'm more concerned about the fact that there's no crosswalk on the north end of the Quitman station. There's a curb cut like you're meant to cross, but no crosswalk and no pedestrian signal.
  11. Salvation Army is right there, so many of this type are sleeping there. As to the bridge, yes, it's true but none has ever accosted me, and I come home this way every day. Homeless people exist, that's something you'll just have to accept.
  12. I ride the bus down their street on my way to work and they're building a big wooden patio out front.
  13. Please let me know where I can find the crucial New Posts button!
  14. Rain tax. Seeing this happen all over town. Ninfa's kept a permeable parking lot when they redid theirs recently.
  15. I like Color Jam, they just need to fix the peeling issue.
  16. One big drawback for cigar lounges in Houston is that they can't sell alcohol. Downing Street was the last grandfathered cigar bar to close.
  17. Brazos is a good connect from Downtown to the east side of Montrose, almost. Looks like a lane is programmed for Tuam as well. Check out the bike plan here: http://tei-houston.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=0d493ce6ec01481b82cec71bf7f67374 Uncheck everything on the left except Programmed Bikeway Projects to see the Brazos lane.
  18. That must be the former cigar shop that moved to Capitol. Yeah, small space.
  19. Yes, each represented by a Council member. http://www.houstontx.gov/council/
  20. District C was the only district that voted to pass HERO, so maybe we can do a secession of Montrose, The Heights, and Meyerland combined as one city.
  21. Except the newly-minted suburban voters would vote out any politician supporting mass transit.
  22. Kaveh Kanes was one space to the left.
  23. Great change to see. Davis in particular was the President of the Confederacy! Definitely need his name off.
  24. http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/04-23-12-randy-ruckers-much-anticipated-museum-district-restaurant-is-off-chef-insists-conat-not-dead-though/
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