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  1. This is the former site of Mexican restaurant Casa Grande, and farther back it was Stuart's Drive-In. http://swamplot.com/casa-grande-on-n-main-st-isnt-just-closed-its-bank-closed/2015-03-20/
  2. Morningstar's great, I go often and see them getting plenty of business. Edit: Looks like most of the 2 stars on Yelp are whining about the donuts. They're not my favorite, and they're a little expensive, but I'm not there for that, I'm there for the awesome coffee service. Pssst.... the excellent Shipley Donuts location is only a few blocks away.
  3. The whole thing was a fraudulent scheme, according to a jury today. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Jury-rules-unanimously-against-fraudulent-11254099.php?cmpid=twitter-mobile
  4. Toll roads are good. That way I don't have to pay for roads I don't use. The people who actually use those roads can pay for them.
  5. For too long businesses have gotten around paying people overtime by calling them a "manager" despite paying them entry level wages. I'm heartened by the change.
  6. I dunno, that sounds odd to me. They've been running concerts in that space since the very beginning, it was no secret. The City saying that they just discovered this doesn't hold water.
  7. Well, if I live near the zone, the rules affect me.
  8. $65 for an annual membership, unlimited checkouts for free (while still following the time rules).
  9. I want to get rid of Prohibition because Prohibition sucks. Getting a nice HEB is just icing on the cake.
  10. Sounds like you want to carve out an exception for narrow corporate interests while fencing out the mom and pops (such as convenience stores). I disagree and would like to get rid of this archaic relic of Prohibition.
  11. Thankfully, the proposed change has nothing to do with bars and won't change the legality of bars.
  12. Premium Draught, Jugs, Growlers, Houston Wine Merchant, D&Q, lots of others, not that I think they're causing any problems. Hopefully Heights votes yes.
  13. You're looking for the elevator labeled Upper Sky Lobby. There's also a Middle Sky Lobby that's on a lower floor.
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