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  1. I believe it ran from around 1987 - 2006 on many stations (one after the other), but I could be wrong.
  2. The only one that comes to mind is Ritmo Latino which ran on KHTV (KIAH), KTXH, KTBU and KTMD until about ten years ago if I remember correctly.
  3. Just stopped by the Tetco/Chevron on 249. They have Slurpees, Big Gulp, 7-Eleven hot dogs, coffee. etc. It's in the middle of being re-branded according to the clerk, but for all intents and purposes this is a 7-Eleven.
  4. The Foodtown on Scarsdale and Beamer (I think those were the street names) was a Safeway/Appletree. I have memories of going there as a kid in the late '80s/early '90s. It was the first Appletree I'd ever seen. This was before 1992, because we moved out of Friendswood that year.
  5. Houston's first Carl's Jr. is almost complete. Highway 6 and West Road next to Shell.
  6. Lavo Collections will be in Lucky Brand Jeans' former spot between Arden B and Gymboree.
  7. How many pop stations do you think Houston has? Hot and KRBE make two. Mix and Sunny are considered adult contemporary. Are you counting Jack FM and the Point as 'pop'?
  8. KBXX owner Radio One let alot of their air talent go recently. I think it was for "cost cutting". It seems like the KBXX veterans were the first to go (except the morning show).
  9. KHJZ Houston ended it's Smooth Jazz format today at 5:30 PM in order to prepare for the launch of Top 40/CHR station "Hot 95.7" tomorrow at 3 PM. KHJZ was Houston's third attempt at Smooth Jazz, the first on a city grade signal. "Hot 95.7" is set to compete with legendary 104 KRBE, which has been leaning in an adult direction since 2006. http://www.khjz.com/ http://radioinsight.com/boards/index.php?t...83f4fce14a31a8b http://www.radio-info.com/smf/index.php/topic,94785.0.html
  10. Was that ever really a mall? I've wondered why it's referred to as a mall when it's a shopping center.
  11. Brookstone is now closed, making way for Apple. Rumors say that construction on Future Court and an overall renovation of the mall should commence Spring or Summer this year. Borders is rumored as an addition.
  12. Loews Theatre Town & Country AMC Town & Country Town & Country Mall Sign
  13. Amuse is an accessory store. Like Claire's or Icing. The seating areas were removed to clear space for merchandise carts. During holiday shopping, those things are just in the way. The former Joske's/Dillards/Lord & Taylor site is known as Future Court. It's believed to be the new home of a second food court, arcade and entrance. Hollister is now open. Add Love Culture and Torrid to the list of stores coming soon. Disney Store should be open in the fall. More of a renovation project than anything. Baker Street Pub won't be included since their in a newer, different strip altogether.
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