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  1. Two years ago, I read this forum everyday and was so excited about all the new projects that were happening in Houston. Since then, we all know what happened: the recession happened and killed a lot of funding and the projects were cancelled. Now that i'm beginning to read the forum again it seems like we never got over this fact and all the posts are dwelling on fact that this happened. Let's use this as a new beginning!!! What new projects are happening now? and What would you like to see be built here?
  2. i know this is a change of subject, but today i was driving past the space where the aloft hotel is going to be and on the wall marketing signs it says that it will also be a mixed used development with phone numbers to get in touch with retail and office leasing information. Does anyone know anything about this? I thought it was only goign to be the hotel.
  3. Where did you hear this? Do you have any other information?
  4. I know everybody here knows of all the new mix uses opening up soon in Uptown, Rice Village and Downtown. But is there anyone here who has the inside information of the retail stores, restraunts and entertainment places interested in opening locations there??
  5. I think they will eventually build a Galleria 5 though. BLVD Place is competition to whoever it is that owns the Galleria. Although they will have to get creative as to how they build it, I don't see much open land around there. The Galleria will need to do something, with 4 mixed used developments opening all in the same area houston is going to get a lot of new retail it has never had before. Which will bring competion espically for people want to get away from malls. I think the galleria should do something with the dillards, its right off the freeway, so it is usually the first store peop
  6. I just heard that they are building a Valentino were chanel is now and chanel is moving where ysl is. YSL is moving where that old bernni suit shop was right across the hall. There is a lot of action going on in the galleria, does anyone know if any other retail is planning on entering the market.
  7. well i know that houstontrunk factory is moving where bag and baggage because they are the same company, and a new upscale luggage shop from the same company is going where houston trunk is. they are all owned by the bag and baggage company.
  8. ENGcons, what is your occupation, you seem to know a lot about whats goign on in Houston. I'm graduating in May and is interested in getting into all this new development stuff. So i'm just asking so I can get a clearer picture of development and all the oppupations it has to offer, because as of now i really don't know very much.
  9. So it is the river oaks district? That always confused me, some people call it westcreek and others call it the river oaks district.
  10. Which development is westcreek? It's not the same as the river oaks district right? can you post a link to some info for me?
  11. so is this for sure, or is this just what you think is going to happen?
  12. Has anyone heard anything new about this project?
  13. Is that development still going up? I always hear about it, but i havn't seen renderings or anything yet. Isn't it suspose to be next to the target on san felipe?
  14. what everyone seems to forget is the fact why the dynamo moved to Houston, before they were the san jose earthquakes, the city of san jose didn't want to build them a soccer specific stadium, so they moved to A city that agreed to build them one. Also there is a rule in MLS that states all teams need their own stadium,that why all the teams are geting their own stadium.
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