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  1. I saw a Sam's Boat sign, where old Mely's restaurant used to be. I also read about a Rocket City Fun Station coming as well. This is supposed to be a prototype of Main Event, Dave & Busters, Jillians, type of place. Bj's Brew Pub is also supposed to build at the Pearland Town Center. Pearland is really starting to build up to be an all around community that caters to all age groups for entertainment.
  2. The Kohl's location is where the old Furrow's location was. There is also an empty shopping strip at this location. As for the mall, they are getting a new 14 screen stadium seated theater. They are also getting a new food court.
  3. I heard today that after New movie theater at mall opens, the site where old Starplex theater will become a Petsmart, Best Buy, and I think something else. Also, I saw a sign for a new Fuddruckers in front of Target where old Pierre Imports used to be a few years back. What I really want to know though, is what new stores are coming to new shopping strip where Kohl's is located.
  4. I would like to see maybe a Sherlocks Pub, or something of that nature come in.
  5. I just think it is going to look weird with all that empty land around it. Also, maybe they should have picked some land closer to Pearland.
  6. I'm surprised they are taking a chance on building themselves, without rest of project.
  7. Yeh, it is on 518 in new shopping strip near new Cabo's restaurant.
  8. I had been keeping track on website anticipating opening, then next thing you know I went to check out and it was closed???
  9. Does anyone know what new stores, and restaurants are coming to Lake Jackson?
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