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  1. had a lot of trouble finding the "Sign In" link

  2. Also be aware, the street lights on the south side of the street are mounted on the telephone poles (yes, the very poles that were moved south a few feet to allow the street expansion). There are no telephone poles on the north side of the street, and who knows if the electrical service for it is in place. Most likely this will end up being handled with permanent metal poles, just like the other big streets in the neighborhood. It just takes a little time: Just two years ago, remember, this was just a narrow country lane with ditches that flooded in those heavy rains of Spring, 2007. Such g
  3. Here's the Chronicle's story on the meeting last night between the police and community members at the Westside Event Center: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metrop...an/6277630.html It's good to know that crime in the neighborhood is actually down; I wonder to what degree the increase for Pearland as a whole is due to population growth:
  4. The SCR monthly financial statements are on the web site at http://www.shadowcreekranchhoa.com/. You have to be registered and login to view them. I glanced at the statements for the Village of Biscayne Bay, which are there through October, though I don't really know how to read them. If I understand what I was seeing, there was an operating surplus. On the other hand, I know that a lot of the Ike was not covered by insurance (probably due to deductibles? or damaged trees?) and quite a few trees have not yet been replaced. I browsed around but did not see the 2009 budget. The notice of th
  5. Guess it all depends on what you want... I shopped at the Kroger right before Christmas, and I found that their assortment was smaller than HEB's. Although it's a very nice conventional supermarket/drugstore, Kroger doesn't have as many specialty items. For example, there were maybe 1/3 as many types of pasta compared to HEB. That's fine, if you're buying regular egg noodles; if you want Amish noodles, it's HEB. On the other hand, I usually shop mid-day mid-week, so the craziness factor is minimal.
  6. Doesn't the building code here in Brazoria County require them to build to withstand 130mph winds? Or is that just for residential construction? I remember when I saw those strip centers immediately after Ike, my first thought was that there might have been a little tornado there.
  7. About the feeder roads and the 518 traffic light timing, see this from the Chronicle: http://blogs.chron.com/pearland/2008/12/si...elp_your_c.html "...The feeder road construction is expected to be complete in one year and will cost $10 million. TxDOT is funding half that amount. The City of Pearland will cover $2.5 million with the final $2.5 million paid for by the tax increment investment zone that includes Shadow Creek Ranch." Also, the traffic lights are controlled by TxDOT. The city is paying for a study which TxDOT requires before redoing the timing. This will be completed in Janua
  8. You're welcome. Not the the $5k makes very much difference in the tax bill, but every penny helps these days.
  9. OK. We moved to SCR last year, and I filed for the homestead exemption with the county this year. I just looked at my tax statement, and it shows the City of Pearland exemption applied to it, along with all the others.
  10. The Walgreens and CVS at SC Parkway are better located, since they are very close to the future hospital site. Having another Walgreens that close by is almost as strange as having multiple Chase Bank branches in Silverlake and in front of the new Kroger.
  11. There's a box with a TxDot logo at the corner of 2234 and the 288 ramps. I believe that contains the controls for the traffic lights. I was thinking that a state highway interchange would probably be controlled by TxDot, but you never know. It would be worth calling the City of Pearland to see if they could arrange to coordinate, assuming that it is a TxDot signal.
  12. I think you're referring to the light at the interchange. Is that a city traffic light or a TxDot traffic light? I remember seeing TxDot trucks repairing signals at 288 and 2234 after Ike.
  13. I'd wondered what had happened to the church. Before the 518 widening project started, I was never able to really read their sign when I was driving by -- it was too far from the road. Does anyone know who they are/were?
  14. I've read that the Kroger grand opening is December 14. I heard they had employee orientation at the store Sunday and are stocking now. Perhaps there will be a "soft opening" prior to the 14th. Agreed about the traffic. The intersection of Shadow Creek Parkway and Business Center Drive badly needs a traffic light, what with all the people trying to turn there for access to Nolan Ryan Jr. High, Bucee's, and the businesses down by HEB.
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