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  1. Would like thoughts on the "North Lindale" neighborhood just outside 610 between Irvington and Fulton. Seems like a great option if you can't afford the Heights, but I don't see much posted about it. There's often mention of Lindale Park but not specifically "North Lindale" which begins once you go north under 610. The houses are sooo much cheaper! Some little bungalows with great potential mixed among a few churches, commercial properties and neglected tear downs/sketchy patches of course; but why is no one talking about this area? They even have new street sign toppers! The zip code, 77022 is the same as much hyped Independence Heights, but North Lindale is east of I-45. Other than it being somewhat of a food desert... I feel like it's a little secret gem of a neighborhood!? Any reason why I shouldn't recommend as an option to friend moving to town? All I can find about it is this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/North-Lindale-Neighborhood-Org-243086399076934/?fref=ts
  2. Just wanted to share with you all that my friend contacted the mayors office yesterday to ask about this inspector issue. She included a link to this post and got a response within a few hours! They asked for the address and said they would find out what was going on.... They also asked that we please, "go into that forum and state that it is ridiculous that we are taking inspectors out of the Heights because taxes are declining somewhere." So there it is... We'll see what happens!
  3. Well that explains a bit... Perhaps I should just take over the property, doesn't look like there will be anyone there to stop me anytime soon! I may be back with pictures too... just to give the owners some well-deserved, negative press. Thanks for the responses!
  4. Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on what to do about a neighboring lot in the Heights that has been abandoned and left in unsafe and unsightly conditions for over a year. It has broken windows, open doors, trash, furniture and rats hanging around the backyard. I share alley access with this property and have, on more than one ocassion, seen vagrants wander out of there in the really early morning. We've called the city several times, and neighborhood protection, but aside from a few tickets on the door... nothing. I've even tried to contact the owner. I looked up the propety on HCAD and was surprised to find out it is owned by Intown/Lovett homes! You would think they would want to take care of this abandoned,dangerous building and trashed up lot in a neighborhood they are trying to sell other homes in!? The property is not even fenced off, anyone can access it?! Seems like it could be a legal issue. Anyone have suggestions on getting them to clean up their mess? Maybe I'll post pictures?
  5. specs, some retail, a restaurant... get on it I'm ready for somewhere new to walk around!
  6. does anyone know what is going on at that five way intersection of east 20th/n. main/cavalcade/studemont? I'm wondering what is to become of the abandoned eckerds and that shopping strip on the other side...
  7. I came across this forum researching the sunnyland neighborhood just off lawndale. I am considering buying a small house there. I love the look of the houses and the neighborhood seemed fine during the day but I read some posts that scared me a bit. I've been living in a transitional part of the heights and crime is crazy over there at the moment... Any thoughts on how it compares? I can deal with the heights as I'm familiar with it and all my friends are there. I don't know anyone on the east end but I like the little house. It seems like a good deal but maybe there is a reason the asking price is so affordable. The house is on a street called Truett just off Sunnyland across from that convent. Anyone?
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