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  1. Hey all - I've searched the forums and apologize in advance if this question has already been answered. In the early 80s, I remember there being (what I believe to be) a hotel that looked like a castle on 59 near Clarewood. I think it had a crenellated roof and, maybe, shields around it's upper portion. It was quite impressive to my ten year old self. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks in advance.
  2. The Fame City building was purpose-built for Fame City. It was an empty field before that.
  3. Hey, I would be really interested in seeing those pics!
  4. Yep, that's the one. It's really not a terrible movie.
  5. I grabbed these from the 1983 made-for-tv movie "Adam". it's YouTube quality, but there's some entirely decent nostalgia to be had. I found the last black and white pic in an ebay auction listing from the Baltimore Sun, of all places. Enjoy!
  6. Yep, it was a Safeway until the late 80s/early 90s. My parents owned a bakery one block over and we would occasionally have to run to the store for supplies. I remember there were Time Pilot and Krull right by the entrance.
  7. Was it a Roy Rogers before it was a Lee's? I only remember the Lee's being there.
  8. I remember the place, but I don't think it was a Fame City. They had a virtual reality setup and a Battletech simulator center - neither of which I ever got to try.
  9. I remember when Children's Palace opened in Bellaire. It would have been around '87 or '88 and they gave away free stuffed animals at the grand opening. It was located at the corner of Beechnut and 610 where the Home Depot is now. We used to ride our bikes to that store and spend (what seemed like) hours looking at the Nintendo games and GI Joes. Then, we would go across 610 to Meyerland Plaza where there was an arcade and drop our few precious quarters in the popular video games of the day. Good times.
  10. In his most recent Bayou City History column, J.R. Gonzales has a write up on Sharpstown Mall. I'm particularly enamored with the couple of pics from the eighties that he included at the bottom. Check it out here: http://blog.chron.com/bayoucityhistory/2011/09/sharpstown-shopping-center-50-years-later/
  11. Bravo on the user name. I would give at least a toe for some pics of the old Good Time Charlie's at Sharpstown as it was in the 80s. Anyway, in answer to your question about suburban downfall, I can tell you that Alief definitely experienced a downturn similar to Sharpstown's. I grew up in Bellaire, but when my dad remarried in '88, it became clear that we couldn't afford a house there that could accommodate our new newly doubled household. Back then, Alief was still a viable alternative. It had good schools and decent, affordable single-family neighborhoods. I'm pretty sure that all be
  12. Do you have a plan for sourcing the pictures? I've never been able to find much online.
  13. There were also Safeways at Bellaire Blvd and S. Rice (where the Randall's is) and Stella Link and S Braeswood (where Sellers Bros is now). My family and I used to go to the one on Stella Link all the time.
  14. I don't know if you fine folks have seen this yet: http://www.cardcow.c.../texas-houston/ It has a bunch of, well, vintage Houston postcards. Edit: Crap, I thought certain that if I'd seen this here before that I would have remembered it. I just found the other threads that mention this site. Sorry, guys. If a mod wants to delete this, please do.
  15. You're before my time, but there was a very similar tricycle apparatus at Fame City in the late 80s. The problem was that the pedals were tied directly to the wheels. Thus, if the trikes were moving, the pedals were moving. And there was no platform. There were just these bars that connected the outer ring/rail upon which the trikes rode to the central pivot. Sooo, if you were to, say, put your left foot down while the trikes were moving, it was really easy to get your ankle wedged between a pedal and one of the aforementioned bars and have to be carried out of the place on your dad's back
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