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  1. I have a family member who does business with Arne's. The last she had heard was that they are working with the insurance co. & contractors to reopen as quickly as possible but that this won't happen before the end of the year. The store itself wasn't damaged just the warehouse is what Arne's told her.
  2. I love our alley too! Two exits from the property. We live on Yale and I would love to start driving through it to park the car from the rear, but multiple neighbors nearer to the end of the street use the alley as their own personal driveway. I like to think the back of the house is safer because of the alley. So many of the neighbors' houses look out onto the alley & they walk dogs back there at all hours, I figure burglars are less likely to break in. If there were just one neighbor's yard backing up the property it would be a lot more private for thieves. We also have two houses o
  3. I live right on Yale. I think our street is busy enough. I would really like to see more people fixing up the older homes on our street instead of tearing them down and putting six butt-ugly condos where one bungalow had been. But if someone would like to put in an Indian restaurant I wouldn't complain. & please no more banks....
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