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  1. yeah, MontroseNeighborhood is real good with doing that.
  2. i actually like this building as ugly as it is. they are actually building a condo tower in miami similar to it right now. Here is a picture courtesy of MontroseNeighborhood at SSP.
  3. You will. I'm praying for you man.
  4. why does emporis have this as approved now?
  5. Found a pic of the three surface lots where Houston Pavilions will be located.
  6. I don't know. Denver Pavilions is the same way but they still have sidewalk entrance to some stores. Pacific Place in Seattle is another example.
  7. don't play stupid. if we weren't you wouldn't have made a list of those events or have referred to chris rock's bigger & blacker tour. look i'm all for having a intelligent discussion, but if you really think that i am that dumb for you to ask such a question as you did above, i have no reason to.
  8. you know there are several events that could have happened with any race that you listed and as far as the reverse racism, i get on people about that too because it makes no sense. don't know what was the point of bringing it up because no one in this thread showed it, and believe me i know people that are victims of reverse racism are sick of it, and they want to hint at it sometime and bring it out like some people are doing in this thread and i appreciate you doing that. as far as the chris rock thing, that is my point exactly. people our so quick to base their opinions off the media. as far as i am concerned you can't act a certain race and a lot of the stereotypes about blacks are shown in every ethnic group.
  9. what the hell? hello? some people are being extremely stereotypical and to an extent racist and do not even realize it. and before you even claim i am playing the race card or cannot take a joke, i am not stupid and you and i know, as far as ethnic group, who was the majority at the party. sorry but that was truly offensive and quite ignorant.
  10. it's a long term process. projects wll be revealed every year.......... hopefully.
  11. I know. I probably heard about the plan the same time everyone else heard about it months ago, but I thought it was exciting to see the renderings of projects that were not even announced to the public yet when the 2025 plan was announced.
  12. It is in Adobe Acrobat format just as a warning, but if you look at the aerial view on Page 2 and continuing on page 3 it is pretty accurate from the new Civil Justice Center that is almost complete, the Root Memorial Park in front of Toyota Center, that proposal, maybe dead, for the 30 story condo tower in front of Doubletree Hotel, the new park in front of GRB, the Downtown Transit Center recently completed on Main, the residential addition for Bayou Place, and lots more. Don't know what that cool looking tower is between the two Enron buildings. Oh yeah they even have the I-45 tunnel in there with the bridge going into the tunnel on Page 2. Plus if you go to Page 13 there is a rendering for the Sakowitz building retail with Houston Pavilions across the street on Dallas. Plus you can see the Humble Building/Courtyard by Marriott in the background. Seems pretty realistic. Here is the link. http://www.houstondowntown.com/ImagesFiles...ork%20p1-18.PDF
  13. ok, i was too lazy to read all of them but i liked this one. i was cracking up because i am guilty of it.
  14. texasboy

    The Edge

    i agree how post midtown square has retail right across the street, eventhough i believe it is only one restaurant on the bottom floor. why can't the edge? oh well, they are not losing anyhting. plus isn't the edge right off of a I-45 exit ramp? perfect spot for retail.
  15. West 8-Master Planning and Design for a 54 acres Mixed Use Development in Houston, Texas. The land is located in the center of the
  16. yes it's new orleans.
  17. I don't know about this. Where are the links to the articles? Seems like an old proposal. Here is the rendering I found on the building a couple of weeks back, but I believe it has been there for awhile.
  18. you crack me up man. first off light rail is going throught the galleria from the U of H campus. second, you would build Houston as people outside the city want it rather than what benefits the city's citizens because of people's thoughts you have had encounters with in other forums. plus, aren't you in bryan-college station?
  19. ^^^ School ya boys. Some discussions can be quite interesting when we have forumers like yourself that are educated on this issue. Let me guess, you use to not live in Houston.
  20. I think the trolley buses will be cool. I've been in them in Europe and when I lived in San Francisco and they are definitely unique. Plus we will have both light rail and trolley buses. I think some people are complaining because they are not familar with them and do not realize how well they look in an urban environment, but they are quite cool. No complaints here.
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