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  1. Something Uptown has never had, but downtown does. Just because the development is not new does not mean it is not mixed use. Commerce Tower and St German are mixed use buildings.
  2. Zoning has to do with having some kind of consistency throughout a neighborhood. Midtown is the perfect example of what no zoning can do to Houston. You can have a urban project on a couple of blocks, but next door you have strip centers and suburban styled apartment complexes. Hmm, do you see this in cities that are just as new as Houston such as Portland, Seattle, Miami, San Diego, or Denver? Nope. For example, the Pearl Distrit in Portland is what midtown could have become if there was some sort of uniformity in the neighborhoods to create an urban village, which midtown is very far from being. By the way, I don't live in Houston but it has grown on me as somewhat of a hometown because I have spent 15 years living there. I was born in LA and now live in Miami and still I am more interested in what is going on in the city because I now it has a lot of potential and I just don't want to give up on it.
  3. Midtown Coog, it is time to get out of Houston and actually take in the culture of these other cities that will make you come home thinking that the city you live in is below mediocrity. I am not saying you should have this in the back of your mind 24/7, but lets be real for a moment. For you to even question why London got the olympics and not Houston because it has ugly parts says enough already. I think your view on Houston is so illiberally bias and is based off of nothing but too much pride to admit that we are not on a level of so many cities that should get the olympics. If you think are problem is too much trash, I think the IOC would make you have a rude awakeing.
  4. I don't know people. Some things don't look rightin dwntwn and some things fit new urbanism ad that is the Woodlands. The two things that I wouldn't mind in downtown from Woodlands Town Center are the Borders and the sidewalk retail aligned with trees. Here are some more shots.
  5. Some pics of the Woodlands Town CEnter courtesy of Boris @ SSC Can we say bring this to Main Street
  6. The Hilton Americas was around $300 million.
  7. Here is a rendering of the 22 story Outpatient Care Center to start in early 2006. I think it will be a different design that we usually do not see in the med center. although this is not a detailed rendering.
  8. The designs are great for the Sterrett Street project but I guess we will have to see how similar the brownstones look to the renderings. I have respect for your company though when looking at some of the suburban styled projects happening around town by other developers.
  9. Galveston, please learn from Houston's mistakes. Don't follow please.
  10. Yeah, the city does seem like it is mostly catered to tourist that only come on weekends. Hopefully the new Piazza Blanca will have some new retail that were showcased in the renderings but the island needs more than that.
  11. Hey guys, when looking at the rendering and looking at this picture of Denver Pavilions, it looks like the same concept with the curved storefront on the left side, stairs in the middle and more retail on the right.
  12. Why would I want to see this project happen? A $400-500 million dollar project that just shows a building in the Houston skyline which is not that tall in the first place. I rather see more work happen in the center of the city to make downtown a full 24 hour hour neighborhood focusing on dense midrise developments taking over surface lots and more retail to make people want to stay in downtown after 5 p.m. Citykid, you may have not noticed it yet, but skyscrapers can be really overrated, especially ones like these that do absolutely nothing for the city but put a structure in the skyline. Who cares you know? Money could go somewhere else.
  13. You don't understand. Don't you think we have enough skyscrapers already? All you are worried about is how a city's skyline will look from miles away but not about how a city's streetlife would look like. Do you really think that skyscrapers make a city? Some of the greatest cities in the world don't have a skyline like Houston's. Do you think they really care? No. Pretty much you are saying this half of a billion dollar project will make this city better because another structure would stand in Houston's skyline. Honestly what does that do for the city? Put a half a billion dollars into parks into downtown, restoring historic buildings in downtown, build midrise apartment buildings to make a greater community in downtown with street level amenities. You know, the stuff I even hear you complaining about in this forum. A half a billion dollars can go a long way you know than settling people in overpriced condos hidden away from the rest of the city.
  14. Honestly, I wouldn't care if Orion was built or not because it will not do anything for the city but put another building in the skyline. Some of these mixed use projects I would love to see built especially the one in downtown, Houston Pavilions, but these condo towers that are isolated from the rest of the city streets do nothing for us. Look what it has done for Uptown. Not a damn thing. We we still complain about the urban fabric in our city even if these condo towers are built or not. Say the Orion was being built in a pedestrain friendly area with street level amenities and not gated in from the rest of civilization, lol, I would be on the developers asses emailing them and trying to find out when these buildings will be built, but for the most part I could give a rat's ass. BTW, I think that Redstone is highly overrated too to start at $1,000,000.
  15. I think that describes the area perfectly. On one side there are old mansions and the other side is the lower end of Third Ward.
  16. I don't know, the Calais may be part of it too, with the French name and all and the design with all the colors of The French Quarter. Also isn't the Le Maison Rouge (Don't know if I am spelling this right) near the Calais. The rendering of the center has the design also.
  17. I read somewhere that this area is suppose to be the French Quarter area of Houston. It made me think that there are several buildings in that area that somewhat have that look.
  18. This is the best deal that I have found. Would anybody agree? It is near Greenway Plaza neighboring Edward's Cinema for $62,900 and the inside seems like it was recently renovated. I think it is a better deal than 2016 Main personally. If you need any help on how to live in the area without a car, don't be afraid to ask. http://har.com/search/engine/indexdetail.c...=0&backButton=Y
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