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  1. Boy please. Say this if you want just because we did not get it the first time, but what city does not need or want the Olympics except for the ones on NYC, London, Paris, and Tokyo's level? Olympics pour in millions of dollars for beautification of cities through major projects and that can lead to greater things for a city.
  2. OK did somebody just make up this thread. I thought the city was actually bidding.
  3. Isn't that area already filled with retail? Where Corner Bakery is? The last time I was in Houston I could not recall any empty areas where possible retail could go in the vicintity of Corner Bakery. Other than Sakowitz, what two garages are you talking about?
  4. Just look at what Houston has removed from this city. Damn, if only Downtown will ever have that many people again.
  5. I found this posted in the Houston Construction thread on SSP. Anybody have news on this? It looks like a restoration for a mixed use property. Located near the old Central Square Building in Midtown.
  6. Thank goodness. I can spend a whole day in downtown with some clothing stores, a bowling alley, and atleast some decent restaurants.
  7. You shouldn've said that. Now I can't wait that long.
  8. Do you know them? If not, I commend you. Not something the average person would do. Hello.
  9. I agree 100%. This world is still not colorblind and we as a race sometimes have to not act as others might stereoptype us. That has to do with all minorities. It's sad, but it's the truth.
  10. ditto. i don't think he meant any harm by what he is saying because this has been a very controversial topic on some radio stations even in miami. it has nothing to do with race, it is just some violent behavior does follow people that are less fortunate. not saying all are like that.
  11. Hey Plastic, if this thread gets closed, that says a lot about your way of thinking and how skewed it is. Really defeats the purpose of this forum.
  12. Houston has been chosen to be the host city for the 2011 Summer National Senior Games -- The Senior Olympics. The board of the Baton Rouge, La.-based National Senior Games Association selected Houston as the host city during this year's annual meeting. Houston was also a finalist for the 2009 Games. The Senior Olympics is currently one of the largest recurring multi-sport events in the United States and is the largest multi-sport event in the world for seniors. Read More: http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/stories...tml?jst=b_ln_hl
  13. Good Idea. Lets have a lifeless downtown that represents the rest of the city. Sadly, a lot of visitors of cities sometimes visit downtown and downtown alone. You think it is too crowded? Right, look at downtown on a Sunday or even on the weekday. Please get out of Houston before you claim what is too crowded. The core of a city should have restaurants, clubs, condos, greenspace, retail, etc to make it a more 24 hour neighborhood. What are you talking about downtown should only be about business and that is the way it is suppose to be? Sorry that's not really a traditional city. Sorry but I am sure I and many other urban entusiast get a laugh out of your post and disagree with all corners of it. I guess you are saying keep downtown the way it is now and don't improve it so it can always be a place no one wants to live. When would I have seen the day where people are complaining about the development happening in downtown to make it more of a place where people would want to live?
  14. Hermann Park which pretty much has everything. It is just more spread out, that is why it looks like there are not that many pedestrians in the area.
  15. Well you should know that it is something you would not draw on a blueprint but something that comes into its own style over a period of years.
  16. I guess you have never been to Newbury Street in Boston. Places like that evolve and are not built overnight. The way you are speaking, you sound like you would build an Atlantic Station type development which is something I was looking to see the outcome of but looks very sterile and one of those built overnight communities. Retail along Newbury Street was incorporated into actual neighborhoods that were already there, kind of like what downtown Houston is doing now, not built at one time to make for a generic, souless, cookie cutter type atmosphere. That's why I am sometimes afraid of what you want to see done in Houston sometimes, because it may not be the outcome that you are looking for.
  17. I hope you know that you just can't build areas like this.
  18. People, goodness, you don't always have to go for the bare minimum all the time. Were bringing more activity in the area, why are we opposing it? Settle for mediocrity and you will get nothing but another Houston Gardens which will not spark any sort of development. I do not get you all sometime. When the park was announced, there were so many claims that it is overrated and will do nothing for the area but now that plans are released and they are more than you expect, we feel that we need to complain about it?
  19. Here are some photos taken by WesternGulf @ SSP who claims these were taken Monday.
  20. Prada, Roberto Cavali, D&G, Diesel, Escada, Manolo Blahnik, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hugo Boss, DKNY, Valentino, and others.
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