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  1. DWB is real I tell you. My cousin got to sue the city of San Francisco for that ____. He won and the dumb ass cop lost a job.
  2. I heard on the Tom Joyner Morning Show in Miami that some lady in Atlanta purchased some $800 purse at the Louis Vuitton store. As they mentioned, I am also surprised that they let them use it.
  3. ^^ Ha. That ride does look interesting in that picture but it aint about ____. Try Titan at Six Flags Arlington.
  4. You'r being unrealistic again. The same reason why we should've settled for one business district.
  5. Galveston is becoming touristy enough and soon enough people will forget about the character of the city. I can see Galveston becoming another San Diego if this condo boom keeps up.
  6. I know people. I still think its a myth. Its just a reminder when I see people writing with their left hand. That's all. Doesn't mean anything.
  7. This may sound very stereotypical but I am sure you wont see that many evacuees at that show.
  8. LOL. I'm not going to lie though. Everytime I see someone writing with their left hand that does go through my mind.
  9. ha. The only one I have heard is the left handed one. It's all bs to me anyway.
  10. Be realistic though. Make your plans match up with what is already there. My plans would be to seperate downtown into different districts. I would make the area around Minute Maid Park a Ballpark Neighborhood and continue the tradition with loft developments with a ballpark theme. Not to tacky though. Maybe regular midrise loft developments with sportsbars, internet cafes, and restaurants at the bottom floor of the lofts. I would continue with plans for making the area around Main Street Square focused on retail. Maybe add one more mixed use project with Houston Pavilions. Open up the bottom floor of the Humble Building for more clothing retail and other buildings with bases that can use tenants. In the historic district, I would definitely fill in some of those surface lots with midrise infill. It seems like there are anough restaurants in the area, so I would probably lay off of the street level retail on the base of the buildings. Near the Convention Center, I would focus on building downtown's real community/neighborhood. A great area for families. Maybe place some modern rowhome type developments facing the park for easy access for pedestrians to walk to the park from their stoops. I wouldn't change a thing about the park's plans. I guess since there are not that many surface lots in the skyline district, I guess I would leave it alone and focus more on business like it already is. The Theater District. I would definitely feel that there needs to be more pedestrian malls and walkways and add some big led screens to the area. Possibly place in a few midrise condos/lofts in the area. Southend of downtown: ?? LOL, but no really ?? I would not change the plans for the bayou. What would some of your plans be for downtown?
  11. i beleive real estate development will be located there for the fannin station of the rail line. goodness 610 is not going to look the same.
  12. Eventhough it was not the most detailed rendering I thought it was pretty bland compared to the renderings posted above. And the fact that renderings usually exaggerate what the building being built will truly look like scares me even more.
  13. Try this site. They have plenty of properties for rent and in parenthesis they have the area it is located in. If you are lucky some might have pics which will be listed in orange next to the listing. http://houston.craigslist.org/apa/ If you have any questions on any other areas you may be attracted to other than Midtown/Montrose don't be afraid to ask.
  14. 1200-1400 square feet or $1200-$1400?
  15. When someone is looking in Midtown it is probably appropriate to ask what is their price range.
  16. I cannot honestly say I am excited about this. Houston has too many edge cities to possibly compete with the center city, specifically downtown. I am not even that excited when I hear of urban projects coming to the Galleria area.
  17. Check out the website and the video. http://theempirehouston.com/
  18. LOL. Maybe EDI saw this forum, because the rendering is not there anymore.
  19. I am only familiar with Sienna and RiverStone. Sienna is a greater community with a large variety of homes as far as price range and it is like a small city on its own, but riverstone is not as isolated as sienna. Outiside of the neighborhood there is nothing.
  20. Are these the Laguarda Low designs or are they the ones on the link?
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