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  1. 1000 Main becomes second downtown skyscraper to change hands this summer By Jennifer Dawson Houston Business Journal Updated: 8:00 p.m. ET Sept. 18, 2005 One of the city's newest skyscrapers was acquired last week for what is believed to have been the highest price per square foot ever paid for a building in downtown Houston. Reliant Energy Plaza, located at 1000 Main, was bought by KanAm grundinvest Fonds, an institutional investor out of Germany. The seller was a partnership led by HAUS-INVEST Global of Germany, which had held an ownership stake in the building since August 2004. The other former owners are from Houston: Pinto Realty and Century Development, which developed the building in March 2003 and will continue to manage and lease the property. More Here: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/9395712/
  2. Go to the bottom of this page. Jefe is going under a beautiful restoration. http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread...5&pagenumber=45
  3. They can always be restored to lofts. Why tear such old buildings down?
  4. Are we suppose to? I think it is that you are just into names. Crunch is more of an east coast thing. The only place i have seen outside the east coast that has it is la and san francisco.
  5. Density seems like it is increasing somewhat. Eventhough this photo is from 2003.
  6. Will there ever be new construction in the strand and surrounding historical areas of Galveson? All of the new construction seems like it is on the outskirts and I would just love to see Galveston at its peak density again in the strand. Somewhat like San Diego on how they mix in the new condos with the beautiful historic structures in their downtown.
  7. Yeah these are sort of old but you cannot tell. Actually they are not that old. From this spring. This is when I had a camera before it broke and luckily I still have these saved on my hard drive. Hope you like. Thanks for checking them out.
  8. It has been said many times throughout the last few days but I finally agree with you on something.
  9. What? Atleast the building is not torn down. In my eyes I love when I see old historic buildings with modern fun loving entertainment on the inside. That's why I love Barcelons so much. Beautiful hundred year old masterpieces with nightclubs at the door. I see where you are coming from but I guess that is not my main worry of the structure.
  10. ^^what? edit: we must have posted at the same time.
  11. Thanks for the pics. Minus the tall buildings, New Orleans hasn't changed much since the 60's.
  12. I seriously think we need some ads on our light rail vehicles to help with funds. Here are some examples from Minneapolis' light rail vehicles. About the same age as Houston's. ipod wraps
  13. Just awesome. Thanks for the photos. Very colorful pics for 1958.
  14. That is how most commuter trains look like. They are built for a heavier load.
  15. That would be something to have a train going to and from Galveston again.
  16. I have a feeling that most tenants will not be announced as soon as we expect. I can see them being announed during construction like so many other large mixed use projects across the country. largeTexas where you at?
  17. No, you all just need to make it down the street.
  18. Nice plans citykid09 but I would not remove the light rail. Light rail gives so much character to the streets more than any subway can.
  19. So METRO will be over the commuter lines also? Just asking because that is not always the case with all cities dealing with commuter vs light rail or subway.
  20. I already thought this a long time ago. Especially the Humble Building across the street. Oh my gosh, like their rent was not already high. Just to have the convenience of having all those amenities right across the street from your door step=price-gouging.
  21. Yes but let us just hope that events such as this do not mark a stopping point for Downtown's development for a long period of time. The approval has put a huge smile on my face that I still cannot wipe off eventhough I read the news about 20 minutes ago, but I hope the best for downtown Houston as far as future developments. This will be a huge step though. It could have been just one block but it is enough to almost be considered another Entertainment Distict. I am grateful for this project and hope many more will come in the near future, but we are still waiting for the day for ground breaking of course.
  22. Lets just hope that since the city officials who have approved this plan do not think they have done enough for downtown. Keep the downtown revitalization coming.
  23. Oh ok. I just would not consider shops that you can enter fom the street 'mall status'. They are not indoor shops that you walk through a hallway to get to. There will be more stores on the bottom floor of Sakowitz just like Houston Pavilions. Oh yeah and welcome to HAIF
  24. Wow. It truly looks like no man's land. I bet this was considered sprawl back then when we think about how much this area has developed since then.
  25. Great post but sorry I do not have any info on Macy's, but what do you mean when you say mall concept that is American Apparel?
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